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November 2023 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

November 2023 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

November 2023 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month: For this piece, we selected our 9 favorite Hip Hop albums released this November. Did we miss any albums you feel need to be mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Aesop Rock - Integrated Tech Solutions

Integrated Tech Solutions is Aesop Rock’s tenth album, where he skillfully utilizes corporate jargon to dissect a parasitic worldview. The album’s ingenious, abstract, and esoteric weirdness breaks conventional norms, showcasing Aesop’s mastery of the craft. Departing from his previous loner-centric themes, Integrated Tech Solutions explores new aesthetic realms, focusing on technology and everyday life experiences.

The storytelling tracks infused with humor and non-sequiturs contribute to an album that feels like a genuine extension of Aesop’s interests. Integrated Tech Solutions presents Aesop Rock at his funniest, weaving absurd anecdotes and remarkable production into a cohesive whole. The album’s robotic and industrial instrumentals, while accessible, add a fresh dimension to Aesop’s impeccable flow, with him navigating away from the excessive wordplay that characterized some of his earlier work. The album’s synthesis of Aesop’s beats and live instrumentation pays homage to his Def Jux and Labor Days (2001) roots without mere imitation.

Throughout the album, Aesop showcases his storytelling prowess, reaching new heights with tracks like the standout “Aggressive Steven.” While some beats resemble his previous work, the wacky production and open lyricism, as seen in “Vititus,” elevate the listening experience. Notable tracks such as “Living Curfew,” “Kyanite Toothpick,” and “Black Snow” stand out with exceptional features from the likes of billy woods, Hanni El Khatib, Lealani, Rob Sonic, and Nikki Jean.

The synthesis of Aesop’s near-perfect flow with some of his best beats results in a sonic masterwork. Integrated Tech Solutions is Aesop’s best work since his magnum opus The Impossible Kid (2016) solidifying his position as one of the genre’s finest wordsmiths and most creative producers from the first quarter of this century. Overall, Aesop Rock adds another feather to his cap with this exceptional release.

Release date: November 10, 2023.

2. Blockhead - The Aux

Blockhead’s The Aux serves as a giant exclamation point on an already momentous year for Backwoodz Studioz. It also marks Blockhead’s first rap album since his successful collaboration with Aesop Rock on Garbology in 2021. With The Aux the veteran producer showcases his talent for matchmaking, bringing together some of his favorite artists from different eras and scenes within the tracklist and creating an indie Hip Hop All-Star game of an album. The result is a collection of tracks that display highlight reel dunks, alley-oops, and deep threes, all happening so rapidly it’s hard to keep count.

The opening track, “AAU Tournaments” featuring billy woods and Navy Blue, sets the tone with its jazz rap production, allowing Blockhead’s distinctive sound to shine alongside the unique style of each emcee. “The Cella Dwellers Knew” with Quelle Chris offers a groovy, whistle-infused beat and dope bars. Aesop Rock stands out on “Mississippi” with his straightforward approach, as the production blends drums, brass, and occasional vocal and flute samples. “Mastering How To Land” featuring The Koreatown Oddity and Open Mike Eagle introduces a grimy guitar and organ sample, showcasing Blockhead’s impressive production versatility. “Lighthouse” featuring Ugly Frank brings a traditional boom-bap vibe with an ethereal piano melody, off-key whistle samples, and solid grounding drums.

“Hater P*rn” introduces Casual and Breezly Brewin with a minimalistic organ sound that evolves into a jazzy alternative rap song. Both rappers deliver strong verses, enhancing the track’s appeal. “Give Thanks” sees ELUCID taking center stage over one of the album’s simplest yet complex beats with the transition to billy woods’s low-key verse adding depth to the track. “Papi Seeds” featuring Bruiser Wolf introduces a unique vocal delivery over a complex production, blending synth and vocal samples masterfully. “God Is Busy” featuring AKAI SOLO continues the sonic journey with a unique drum pattern and a heavenly piano sample, complementing AKAI’s relentless bars.

“Ponzu Sauce” featuring Breezly Brewin and Aesop Rock exudes a grimy aesthetic reminiscent of early Griselda records, with Breezly Brewin’s vocal style and Aesop Rock’s intricate lyrics adding depth to the track. “Sad Vampire” featuring Brian Ennals impresses with its captivating instrumental and hard-hitting lyrics, while “Gargamel” featuring DefCee and ShrapKnel stands out as one of the more abstract songs with ominous beats and relentless lyrics creating an intense listening experience.

“Pink Lemonade” features RXK Nephew who surprises with this collaboration, showcasing RXK Nephew’s ability to flow effortlessly over a spacey piano beat. The mix of Detroit Scam Rap elements and a different instrumental style works surprisingly well. “1970’s Post Apocalyptic Skin Flick” featuring Creaturenomics and Fatboi Sharif brings a distorted delivery from Fatboi Sharif, perfectly complementing the abstract and distorted instrumental, with Creaturenomics adding an entertaining element to the track. The album concludes with “Now That’s What I Call a Posse Cut Vol. 56” featuring Bruiser Wolf, Danny Brown, billy woods, and Despot. Sampling an Alchemist song, the track features a laid-back and tropical-sounding instrumental with each rapper delivering satisfying verses.

Blockhead’s The Aux is a standout producer album that captivates with its collaborative efforts and diverse range of guest artists. The album’s versatility and the tight performances of the guest emcees contribute to a superb listening experience, making it the best producer’s album of 2023 and arguably Blockhead’s best work yet.

Release date: November 17, 2023.

3. Danny Brown - Quaranta

Danny Brown, known for pushing the boundaries of experimental Hip Hop, has garnered a diverse fanbase with his unfiltered and unorthodox expression of emotions. With each new album release, anticipation runs high among fans eager to hear his unique style. Quaranta was particularly anticipated, especially with Danny proclaiming it as a sequel to his breakthrough album X X X (2011). However, listeners will quickly realize that Quaranta is different from what they expected. Contrary to the anticipation of a high-energy and unhinged album, Quaranta showcases Danny’s most lowkey endeavor yet, demonstrating his maturity, introspection, and wisdom as he fearlessly confronts his demons and navigates the conflict between his two personas.

The album’s production, while toning down the lyrical and thematic intensity, maintains Danny’s mind-bending style. Although the beats may not reach the off-the-wall nature of his previous works like X X X, Old (2013), and Atrocity Exhibition (2016), they remain diverse, unhinged, lush, and, most importantly, unpredictable. The tracklist offers a broad spectrum of instrumentals and moods, ranging from the raw guitar solo on “Quaranta,” to the overwhelming sinister synths on “Dark Sword Angel,” and the soothing keys of “Celibate.” This versatility keeps listeners on their toes throughout the album.

Quaranta caters to every fan of Danny’s music, striking a balance between tracks like “Dark Sword Angel,” “Jenn’s Terrific Vacation,” and “Tantor” for those who loved his more chaotic days, and introspective tracks like “Down Wit It,” “Hanami,” and “Quaranta” for those who appreciate his lowkey conscious side. The album feels like a culmination of Danny’s past, a reflection that stays true to himself.

Danny’s performances on Quaranta are impeccable, evidencing a battle between his druggy ego and his more grounded self. While he maintains his iconic yelp on some songs, his normal voice dominates, possibly symbolizing a new era for him. The passion and dynamism in his performances, from the insane rapping on “Dark Sword Angel” to the vulnerability on “Down Wit It,” highlight his artistic range.

Thematically, Quaranta is Danny’s most introspective album, delving into past addictions, mental health struggles, challenging adolescence and adulthood, traumas, and even love. While the second half of the album may not match the intensity of the first, with some forgettable moments, the overall experience remains strong. Danny’s maturity shines through as he enters middle age, offering engaging lyrics and head-nodding beats, further solidifying his position as one of modern rap’s finest.

Those expecting a return to the intensity of his Atrocity Exhibition magnum opus may be disappointed. However, they should be able to appreciate the transparent chill, and emotional nature of the album, acknowledging Danny’s ability to adapt and rap over diverse beats. In essence, Quaranta is a great project from one of the most uncompromising, creatively brilliant, and unique rappers of his generation. It represents Danny’s humanity at its core, marking a significant point in his discography.

Release date: November 17, 2023.

4. Vinnie Paz - All Are Guests In The House Of God

November 2023 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

All Are Guests In The House Of God is Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz’s eighth solo album. This 18-track LP follows his previous solo projects Season Of The Assassin (2010), God Of The Serengeti (2012), The Cornerstone Of The Corner Store (2016), The Pain Collector (2018), As Above So Below (2020), Burn Everything That Bares Your Name (2021), and Tortured in the Name of God’s Unconditional Love (2022). Throughout his career, Vinnie Paz has consistently delivered quality Hip Hop, and this latest album is no exception.

Clocking in at close to an hour in length, All Are Guests In The House Of God showcases Vinnie Paz’s refusal to follow trends and compromise his artistic integrity for shorter, attention-grabbing quickie projects that are common in today’s Hip Hop landscape. This album stays true to his signature style and dedication to producing substantial bodies of work.

The album features a nice lineup of guest appearances including artists such as Freeway, Smif-N-Wessun, Ransom, Saigon, Timbo King, Lord Goat, Ill Bill, Tha God Fahim, and the late Blacastan. Additionally, production credits are shared by acclaimed underground producers Leaf Dog, Giallo Point, Wino Willy, C-Lance, Farmabeats, Vic Grimes, DJ Dister, Stu Bangas – among others.

Expect nothing less than hard-hitting bars and booming boom-bap beats from Vinnie Paz. For over two decades, Vinnie Paz has consistently solidified his position as one of the most successful independent Hip Hop artists in the underground scene. With this latest solo effort, he further cements his place among indie rap’s elite.

Release date: November 17, 2023.

5. YUNGMORPHEUS & Real Bad Man - The Chalice & The Blade

November 2023 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

Producer Real Bad Man doesn’t miss. Earlier in 2023, he was responsible for creating a selection of captivating beats for Serpent, Kool Keith‘s best album in years. Continuing his streak, he contributed 45 minutes of immaculately produced beats to The Chalice & The Blade, arguably YUNGMORPHEUS’s finest project to date. Real Bad Man skillfully harnessed the rapper’s signature lo-fi, chill aesthetic, bringing out the best in the Los Angeles rapper.

The smooth and stylish instrumentals on The Chalice & The Blade serve as the perfect backdrop for YUNGMORPHEUS’s laid-back delivery and distinctive voice. While we hold YUNGMORPHEUS projects like Bag Talk (2019, with Pink Siifu), States Of Precarity (2021), Thumbing Thru Foliage (2021, with ewonee), Affable With Pointed Teeth (2021, with Eyedress), and From Whence It Came (2023) in high regard, The Chalice & The Blade surpasses them all in our eyes. Real Bad Man’s work on the boards elevates YUNGMORPHEUS to new heights.

Also, the album features guest appearances from Boldy James, Blu, Theravada, Dreamcastmoe, Grip, Kool Keith, and Fatboi Sharif, providing the icing on the cake to an already dope project.

Release date: November 17, 2023. 

6. Tesla's Ghost & Purpose B​.​L​.​O​.​O​.​D (Blood Lines Of Original Dynasties)

In the collaborative effort B​.​L​.​O​.​O​.​D (Blood Lines Of Original Dynasties), London-based artist Tesla’s Ghost joins forces with Massachusetts rapper Purpose from Tragic Allies. Having been friends since the early days of Myspace, these comrades from the UK and USA came together for a compelling full-length LP. The album features notable guest appearances by Ray Vendetta, Estee Nack, and Code Nine.

This grimy, crime-themed street rap album showcases the remarkable synergy between the two, and their guests. With great wordplay and atmospheric beats, B​.​L​.​O​.​O​.​D stands out as one of the best underground projects released in November, offering a satisfying gritty and immersive experience.

Release date: November 24, 2023.

7. Wino Willy - Wino from Another Planet

Hailing from Edison, New Jersey, and shaped by his Philadelphia roots, versatile producer Wino Willy’s Wino From Another Planet is a project that revolves around the narrative of The Wino, an escaped producer fleeing his home planet, reflected in its astral, psychedelic instrumentation and futuristic sound palette. Wino From Another Planet showcases Wino Willy’s prowess in forward-thinking boom-bap, firmly establishing him among today’s most creative underground Hip Hop producers.

The album offers a dope blend of boundless, spacey sounds infused with Afro-futuristic influences, defying categorization from the start. Taking listeners on a vibrant journey through time and space, it strikes a perfect balance between atmospheric, ethereal sonics and gritty boom-bap aesthetics.

Wino Willy’s diversity and mastery on the boards shine through in tracks like the kaleidoscopic “Fresh Cut Flowers” (featuring billy woods and MarQ Spekt), a vibrant display of sonics and imagery. “Slim Chance,” with Daniel Son and WRED featuring cuts by Giallo Point, encapsulates the layered surrealism of the album, combining celestial samples with a booming rhythm section. “The 364 Train To Babylon Is Running Late,” featuring Fatboi Sharif, adds an eerie, ambient-laced instrumental enhanced by Sharif’s ominous flows.

Featuring collaborations with standout names like billy woods of Armand Hammer, Fatboi Sharif, Daniel Son, Da Buze Bruvaz, Gabe ‘Nandez, and more, Wino From Another Planet is a mind-expanding record that brings Willy’s eclectic, progressive boom-bap sound to the forefront.

Release date: November 29, 2023. 

8. Mickey Diamond - Bangkok Dangerous 4

Keeping up with Mickey Diamond’s release schedule can be a challenge, but if you have to choose just one of his projects this year, Bangkok Dangerous 4 is an excellent choice. This album features a collaboration with a handful of talented producers such as Big Ghost Ltd., Nicholas Craven, Wino Willy, Finn, Camoflauge Monk, and Futurewave – among others. Over the course of 11 tracks, Bangkok Dangerous 4 offers nothing but atmospheric underground beats and raw, hard-hitting bars. Don’t sleep on Mickey Diamond.

Release date: November 20, 2023.

9. WateRR & Machacha - Almighty

WateRR reaches new heights with ALMIGHTY, a collaboration with Copenhagen producer Machacha that stands out in the flow of WateRR’s recent string of releases. Amid various producer partnerships in recent years, WateRR discovers great synergy with Machacha, propelling both lyricism and production to the next level.

ALMIGHTY marks a peak in his recent discography, even surpassing the impressive standards set by his March 2023 release, Compendium Of Arcanum. Machacha’s production serves as the perfect backdrop for Waterr’s lyrical finesse, significantly contributing to the album’s quality. ALMIGHTY is a must-listen for fans of WateRR, underlining his growth and versatility, and undoubtedly one of the finest underground Hip Hop projects released in November of 2023.

Release date: November 1, 2023.

Honorable Mentions

  • Larry June & Cardo – The Night Shift
  • Living Legends – The Return
  • Crunch Lo, Rubbabandz & Ruste Juxx – Oxymorons
  • Cyrus Malachi – The Feather Of Tehuti
  • Hahyeem & Karbine – Far From Home
  • Dave East & Cruch Calhoun – 30 For 30
  • Onry Ozzborn – BlvckBeachBoi
  • Deuce Ellis & Cee Gee – The Green Ouroboros
  • Abyss Dwellas – Slum Hypnotix
  • Jamal Gasol & Sandy Solo – Good Chemistry
  • Edo G – We Do Good
  • Sankofa – Kung Fu Buffet
  • JasonMartin – A Compton Story
  • Element Bolo – Bolo
  • E-40 – Rule Of Thumb: Rule 1
  • Wiki & Tony Seltzer – 14K Figaro
  • Raw Milk – Raw Milk
  • Shabaam Sahdeeq & John Jigg$ – Don’t Feed The Bears
  • Elaquent – Rediscovery
  • Lord Apex – The Good Fight
  • Rayne Storm – Audiocity II
  • Black Rob – Life Story 2
  • Jeezy – I Might Forgive, But I Don’t Forget
  • San Quinn & C-Dubb – The Mob Hour Continues

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