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Top 10 Rap Songs About Domestic Violence

10. 'Love Is Blind' - Eve

Off Eve‘s debut album, this song was energetic and honestly describes a conversation about her close friend’s boyfriend, explaining to her close friend that she should leave him. The next verse Eve describes further anger towards her friend’s boyfriend. Produced by Swizz Beats this song features Faith Evans on the chorus/hook.

9. 'Halls Of Illusion' - Insane Clown Posse

Fighting violence with violence? This song by ICP is about confronting people who have been abusive. A unique concept. Covers a lot of situations. Incorporates some rock elements in this song too.

8. '3 Wishes' - J Cole

This song, off his Truly yours 2 mixtape, paints the picture of himself witnessing abuse from his stepfather. Over an unusual but very fitting Jake One beat J Cole is emotive as ever with witty lines but on topic.

7. 'Father - LL Cool J

This is an autobiographical song by LL Cool J on the abuse he had from his mother’s boyfriend. With an airy beat perfect for LL’s flow on here, he paints a picture of abuse with some honest truths. Starts the song with some philosophical lines such as: ”If your plane crashed in the water and everybody died, would you drown on purpose or try to survive?”

6. 'Dorian' - Brother Ali

A beautiful story where he is discussing getting into an argument with his neighbor because he beats his girl. Check it out and see what happens. Here I have linked the live version of this song, you can find the original song on the Shadows of the sun LP which omits certain offensive words which Brother Ali regrets that he has said in the original version.

5. 'Last Good Sleep' - El-P/Company Flow

El-P was part of Company Flow back in the day. This beat creates the perfect backdrop to the way El-P poetically raps about his personal struggle with domestic violence. You can google the person who he is on about. Chilling lyrics on this track but it has strangely warm vibes as EL-P describes in detail how he has dealt with the situation.

4. 'Cold Hearted' - Blu & Exile ft. Miguel

A smooth track overall. The instrumental is by Exile and Blu delivers a flow over it rapping about the pain from his childhood when he experienced witnessing abuse and how it affected him.  Miguel is on the chorus with a stellar performance. Off the underground classic ‘Below the Heavens’ album.

3. 'Bottle Dreams' - Eyedea / Oliver Hart

The storytelling on this is of the highest standard. The instrumental is soulful. The audio mix on this track can be excused due to this being an underground track and from the early 2000’s but the lyrics are powerful. Tell a story about a little girl. I can’t spoil the story but you’ll have to listen. Recorded by Eyedea under his other name Oliver Hart (All-Of-Her-Heart).

2. 'Baby Don't Cry / Keep Ya Head Up II' - 2Pac & The Outlawz

An uplifting and motivational track for anyone in the struggle. They speak about issues and tell a young lady to keep going despite the many abusive troubles she may be facing. A catchy beat to nod your head to as you enjoy the motivational lyrics with passionate flows.

1. 'The Last To Say' - Atmosphere

Slug, of Atmosphere, laces this smooth slow beat by Ant, also of Atmosphere, and eloquently describes the nature of domestic violence. Explaining how domestic violence can be a cycle but at the end has an uplifting few lines which state you should break the cycle. The slow tempo of this song suits the way Slug has penned these lyrics and the chorus/break is simple but touching. This song is accompanied by a clever emotional music video.

Honorable Mentions

‘Part Time Mutha’ – 2Pac

‘What Would You Do’ – City High

‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ – 2Pac

‘Not With A Dealer’ – MC Lyte

‘The House’ – Ice-T

‘I Honor U’ – Canibus

‘Love The Way You Lie’ – Eminem ft. Rihanna

‘Domestic Violence’ – GZA

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    What about “Whip you with strap” by Ghostface??

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