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THE JUMP IN: 8 Insane Hip Hop Cameos

They had one job to do, and boy did they deliver.


AZ - Life’s a Bitch (Nas)

In just over a minute, the Hip Hop world would never forget the initials AZ, leaving Nas to play catch-up on his own song. Some of the best wordplay ever recorded can be found in this energetic cameo, which comes across like ghetto poetry at its finest. How AZ isn’t considered a top 10 MC is a tragedy, but at least he had this timeless highlight.

MF DOOM - Rock Co.Kane Flow (De La Soul)

Gotta say, after going through album after album of DOOM’s herbal beats, I never really thought of him as an excellent rhymer. Holy hell did that change after hearing him jump all over this De La banger. Thankfully the super villian had two rounds on the mic for this one, and you’ll be dying for more when he’s done. It’s not like Plug 1 & 2 are lightweights either, but DOOM just takes it to another level.

Lil’ Kim - Quiet Storm Remix (Mobb Deep)

Sweet peaches in heavy syrup!  I mean, WOW. Queen Bee decided to catapult herself all the way out of Biggie’s enormous shadow and drop a hundred percent in this cameo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listen to her bars on this track back to back to back. She absolutely kills it over Havoc’s insane beat.

Ludacris - Welcome to Atlanta (Jermaine Dupri)

Man did Luda get into a groove on this one. Making it look easy while being vastly intricate is a specialty of the ATL rapper, and all of his lyrical prowess is on full display for this JD collaboration. When he gets going, it’s a straight onslaught with a side of southern hospitality.

Warcloud - Holocaust (RZA)

The RZA learned a very valuable lesson on this one: never let the hungriest cat on first. Back when he was called Holocaust, he owned this track in every way. Was it named after this Wu Tang affiliate afterwards? Might as well have been.

Eminem - Dead Wrong (Notorious BIG)

Most people would pick Eminem’s cameo on Jay-Z’s Renegade as his best guest work, but that’s probably because Nas name dropped that track in his lethal Ether diss. However, if we’re keeping it 100, those bars don’t even come close to Mr. Mathers’ crazy wordplay on BIG’s posthumus album.

Beanie Sigal - Adrenaline! (The Roots)

Shining on this buckwild track was quite a feat for Beans, considering he had to follow the deadly Black Thought (who killed it as usual) and Roots’ syndicate members Malik B and Dice Raw, two great emcees themselves.  Hell, even Rahzel showed out in the hook. Somehow Sigal managed to do just that in his unforgettable recording debut.

Nas - Verbal Intercourse (Raekwon)

Learning a thing or two from AZ about killing someone else’s track, Nas paid it forward on this legendary (and highly unusual, considering it’s a Wu Tang cut) guest appearance.  This gem will be marvelled at for eons.  I still can’t believe anyone can be this clever. You could easily get stuck on the first 4 bars by themselves.

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