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As a fervent observer of culture and media, I have always used Hip Hop as a gateway to expanding my consciousness of the world around me. It has provided a soundtrack to my aspirations and my frustrations, articulating thoughts that felt as if I alone were having, giving me comfort and affirmation. As long as I've had a pair of earbuds, I've been just fine throughout the trials and tribulations of this world. Hip Hop is everything.

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list Oct 18 2019

8 Dope Hip Hop Remakes

8 Dope Hip Hop Remakes: Some tracks are so good, you just can’t help but do it yourself.

list May 17 2016

DRAWL A CROWD: 8 Unsung Southern MCs

The South must rise, my friend.

list May 11 2016

BEATS, RHYMES, HYPE: 8 Impressive DJ/MC Collabs

Some partnerships just take it to another level.