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Podcast Jul 3 2016 Written by

The Light Podcast: Run DMC

New episode of The Light!

Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason Mizell came together in the early 80’s to form one of the most influential and iconic groups in Hip Hop and all of music. From the black Fedora to the shell toe Adidas to their legendary name – RUN DMC‘s legacy in the game is secure forever.

Courageously tackling societal issues affecting everyday people in and around their native Hollis, Queens – the trio would go down in history as the catalyst that brought Hip Hop culture out of the clubs and street corners into the international mainstream where it remains to this day. Run and DMC’s serve-and-volley approach would be imitated many times over as new groups came on the scene trying to duplicate this crew’s meteoric success.

Run-DMC’s fusion of rock and rap signaled a shift from the classic sound of the era and willingness to experiment that would eventually broaden their crossover appeal unlike any other group of the time – regardless of genre.

Join the #TLP crew – with surprise guest host superproducer Herb Middleton ( as they get it in and discuss one of the greatest groups of all time.

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