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Podcast Feb 25 2016 Written by

The Light Podcast: Paid In Full

New Episode of The Light!!

This week the #TLP crew covers the debut album of one of the greatest Hip Hop duos of all time with Eric B. and Rakim’s Paid in Full. The influential producer who learned from the great Marley Marl preceded the likes of Pete Rock and DJ Premier, while the legendary God MC Rakim Allah kicked off an entire legacy of cerebral emcee’s such as Nas, Pharaoh Monche, Mos Def, 2Pac, Kool G Rap, Eminem, and Jay-Z just to name a few.

Paid in Full was the statement that Hip Hop needed to catapult the logical side-progression from party records into more street conscious and cerebral topics that are still being emulated and followed today. Eric B’s hard hitting and creative production style provided the perfect backdrop for Rakim to lay his smooth-as-silk vocals flawlessly on top.

There was no denying their impact on Hip Hop as Rakim’s style caused an uneasy ripple throughout not only the studio bigs but also amongst his peers because of his sophisticated vocab and layered subject matter surrounding knowledge-of-self derived from Five Percent Nation lessons. Despite his diminutive stature, Rakim was leaps and bounds above his competitors and there is no disputing his place alongside Eric B in Hip Hop history.

Join John L, Detrone, and Scott as they get it in and discuss the lyrics behind arguably the most esoteric and supremely lyrical artists of all-time

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