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Podcast Nov 20 2015 Written by

The Light Podcast: LL’s Debut – Radio

This week Detrone, John L, and Scott bring in the debut album of iconic emcee LL Cool J and discuss how Radio began an unprecedented career on the Hip Hop stage for one of the greatest to ever do it.

A platinum selling trailblazing artist for Def Jam and a true pioneer of the rap game who has remained active for almost 30 years – but some interesting questions begin to emerge as they debate why an artist with this type of longevity and lineage is almost always bypassed whenever elite emcees are discussed.

The self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. – is he wrong? Who has had the type of career that Uncle L had?

Don’t want to miss this episode – join us as we pay homage!!

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Scott @lightofscott
Detrone @hostylecomedy
JohnL @johnlsiv

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