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Do Female Emcees in Hip Hop Hold Their Own?

Do Female Emcees in Hip Hop Hold Their Own?

Sure they do.

It all started with rap pioneer Roxanne Shante. In 1984, she would claim the throne as one of the first female emcees in Hip Hop. Her single Roxanne’s Revenge would change the game forever.

Two years later rap group Salt N Pepa would release the party anthem, Push It. The track peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on Billboard’s Rap Songs chart; infusing audiences with lyrical savvy and fresh dance moves. The song had ladies everywhere singing “ooh baby baby”.

In 1988, J.J. Fad would “rock the world” with the hit record, Supersonic. The multi-faceted rappers could beat box and spit rhymes with unmatched speed right along side their male counterparts.

In 1988, dynamic rapper, the “capital” MC LYTE came on the Hip Hop scene. She let the world know, female emcees “go hard” with the beastly track, Cha Cha Cha.

Female emcee, Queen Latifah called for respect toward women in the Grammy award winning record, U.N.I.T.Y. released in 1994. Queen would use her music to take a stand against domestic violence.

In the summer of 1994, it was rap boss, Da Brat who made history as the first female solo artist to sell over 1 million copies for her album, Funkdafied. The album reached “platinum” status. Da Brat brought funk to the rap game. Her hard flow and original sound had audiences bobbin’ their heads and “moving side to side”. The single reached #6 on the rap singles Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It took the drive and bold talent of these female emcees to open doors for the women of Hip Hop today.

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Olympia J. Atkinson is a Hip Hop enthusiast and writer from the south. Olympia’s love affair with Hip Hop music started when she listened to Mary J. Blige’s album, What’s The 411 released in 1992. She gives cr…

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