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Podcast Aug 22 2016 Written by

Wu-Tang Podcast: Prince Rakeem/RZA & Genius/GZA


Chronicling Wu-Tang’s music, one album at a time. A Channel 10 Podcast production. These first two episodes are about RZA’s and GZA’s pre-Wu-Tang projects on Tommy Boy and Cold Chillin’ respectively.

On the first episode of Wu-Tang Podcast, we delve into the first album by a Wu-Tang Clan member, GZA‘s “Words From A Genius.”

On the second episode of Wu-Tang Podcast, we discuss “Ooh I Love You Rakeem,” a pre-Wu-Tang EP released by Prince Rakeem, who would later be known as The RZA, abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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The Almighty A.R. & Singodsuperior discuss Hip Hop and life. Hailing from Baltimore, MD (Singodsuperior is currently based in Norman, OK) and being involved in Hip Hop, academia, veganism/vegetarianism, and a li…

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