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Top 5 Too Short Songs

5. Blow The Whistle

Blow The Whistle (2006)

The ‘King of Hyphy’ put this record out to make you dance. “Hyphy” a term known in East Oakland as “hyperactive”. With the sharp whistle blowing and the bass knockin’ it wasn’t a surprise this song became a Hip Hop “club banger”.

4. Gettin’ It

Gettin’ It (1996)

“Short Dog” aka Too Short released his tenth album, which features this classic hit. He was at the prime of his rap career. “Short Dog” offers a message of motivation to his fans. A message to “get everything you dreamed of”. The track has a flavor that spills out of the speaker, it is a record you can “ride” to.

3. The Ghetto

Short Dog’s In The House (1990)

Too Short shares a vivid picture to the struggles of living in “the ghetto”. He even addresses the condition of crime and a delayed response on behalf of the police system inside the ghetto back in the day. The hook echoes “trying to stay alive”. The music attests to the strong character of the rap star as he clearly states “never be ashamed of what you are”.

2. Life Is…Too Short

Life Is…Too Short (1988)

Known for his dirty verses, Too Short didn’t shy away from spitting the truth spearing the war against drugs and violence in the inner city of East Oakland, a place he knew so well. He made claims that hard work was the way out of the ghetto. Consciously reminding his audience during the piece “life is…too short”.

1. Freaky Tales

Born To Mack (1987)

Legendary rapper Too Short kept it “real” alluding to the rap game’s most prized possession, women. The track features hard hittin’ bass and dope rhymes laid down by none other than the self-proclaimed “Oaktown mack”. Too Short surely turned heads in the Hip Hop industry with this single, as only a pioneer could do.

(WARNING: Practice safe sex.)

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Olympia J. Atkinson is a Hip Hop enthusiast and writer from the south. Olympia’s love affair with Hip Hop music started when she listened to Mary J. Blige’s album, What’s The 411 released in 1992. She gives cr…

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