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Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum & Hip Hop Golden Age Partnership

Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum & Hip Hop Golden Age Form Multi-Year Partnership for European Continent Expansion, Launching Music & Culture Festival Tour and Community Educational Outreach Programming

New York, NY – The Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Entertainment Complex that is currently in negotiations to build its state of the art high tech green facility in New York City, has now expanded its programming onto the European continent. The Hip Hop Museum has formed a multi-year partnership with the Netherlands-based Hip Hop Golden Age: a classic Hip Hop website and merchandiser founded by Cis Van Beers.


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is a non-profit Chartered Museum & Educational Institution whose mission is to Preserve, Archive, Exhibit, Educate, and Showcase Hip Hop Music & Culture from around the world, has partnered with an organization that shares its goals and objectives of preservation and expanding Hip Hop culture. “Hip Hop Golden Age was created out of love for classic & real Hip Hop and as a platform to help preserve Hip Hop culture – appreciating the creativity, positivity, consciousness, and originality utilized by classic Hip Hop artists of the 80s-90s Golden Era”, stated Cis Van Beers, founder of HHGA. “Over the last 40 years, Hip Hop has become the most popular form of music and a major influence on worldwide culture. Like with Classic Rock, Classic Hip Hop will become ever more popular and important as time goes on as seen evidenced by Classic Hip Hop Radio Stations today and Original Programming like Netflix upcoming Hip Hop Series ‘The Get Down’.”

This partnership will continue that mission by fostering international relationships throughout the European Union, UK, and other countries in discussions around the world. The partnership includes launching The HHHOF’s Hip Hop Music & Culture Festival in association with Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment in Nijmegen and Amsterdam, Netherlands in March 2017. The event will feature two-days of Music, Art, Culture, DJ & B-Boy/Girls Dance Exhibitions, Music Industry Symposiums and Master Classes, emerging Artists Talent Showcases, the Legends & Icons Concert Series, and Community Outreach & Educational activities to unify and serve the cities and youth that love and are influenced by Hip Hop music & culture. “This has been years in the making, and we are proud to be the first Hip Hop museum on the planet to launch an international music festival, traveling art exhibit, and educational outreach collaboration to give back to the communities we serve and the people who buy the music and support the culture worldwide”, stated JT Thompson, founder Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum and Creator of The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show that first premiered on the BET Cable Network in the 1990s.

The partnership will also formally bring Hip Hop impresario and historian Cis Van Beers into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame’s team serving as a Co-Chair of the Museum’s International Committee, as the HHHOF brand prepares to launch its national and international Hip Hop Music & Culture Festival Tours in 2017.  “It is a great honor for me and Hip Hop Golden Age to partner long term with the Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum in NYC, as it expands. We are Classic Hip Hop era historians and appreciate Hip Hop music & culture around the world’, stated Cis Van Beers, founder and CEO of Hip Hop Golden Age. Hip Hop Golden Age will also be a contributor to The HHHOF upcoming book in the works entitled ‘Hip Hop Who’s Who’, that will start at the birth of Hip Hop, cover its influences, and go all the way to the present day becoming a living Fortune 500+ of Hip Hop Music & Culture’s All Time Greats.

Tickets will go on-sale for the European Hip Hop Music & Culture Festival March 2017 events later this fall.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities at The HHHOF Contact Ben Davis at Fans can follow us at (Beta), and Hip Hop Golden Age at,

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