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News Jan 30 2019 Written by

“Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live”

Do you know everything there is to know about Old School & Golden Age Hip Hop? Do you have a passion for Hip Hop & for writing? Are you a writer or visual artist looking for exposure?

HHGA is giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills & passion to a large audience.

We offer full author attribution, an author profile page with links to your site(s), opportunity for portfolio building, continuous social media exposure on HHGA channels & all-round Hip Hop credibility & coolness.

We want you to write awesome articles on Old School / Golden Age Hip Hop related topics to publish on HHGA. Think lists (Top 20 KRS One songs, Top 10 slept on albums, The 10 most influential Hip Hop albums of the 1980’s, Top 15 Wu Tang Clan bars etc. etc.), album retrospectives / reviews, articles on Hip Hop culture & history, etc.

Also hit us up if you produce visual Hip Hop art & are looking for a platform to showcase your work. Portraits, paintings, graffiti or even Hip Hop infographics – if the quality of your work is great, we will publish you.

Experience & a track record is preferred, but not necessary. If you can write with passion & authority you will get published. A sample of your writing, or a link to previously published work is welcome.

Contact us and you will hear from the HHGA staff directly & promptly.

So let’s do this – hit us up with your info & work now!


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3 responses to ““Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live””

  1. Zion says:

    I have been quoting this hard for 2 years in conversations where the point I try to get across is Hip Hop is more then what you hear . I always say it like this a teacher once said fill in krs quote . If anyone in the conversation knows who that teacher is , I’m willing to bet were still in contact on which ever platform. I’ve checked Hundreds of sites this is the only one I keep bookmarked, and saved to clipboard. I’m glad I found it a couple weeks ago. I don’t know what kind of traffic this gets but it should, and I hope it’s alot . Make it a good one today ! Peace.

  2. ohbeep says:

    Strange isn’t it. People mocked KRS when he said “I am HipHop”. Then they embraced it. Eventually he stated “Rap is something you do, HipHop is something you live” and it completed the circle of the original statement. He has pretty much defined HipHop.

  3. Mika Tuominen says:

    High on whit right perspektives all ways

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