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Beastie Boys Live @ Amsterdam (2004)

Beastie Boys – 05/16/04 – The Melkweg (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Audio for Beastie Boys Live @ Amsterdam (2004) is available here:


  • Mix Master Mike Intro
  • Intergalactic
  • Pass The Mic
  • Triple Trouble
  • Posse In Effect
  • Sure Shot
  • That’s It, That’s All
  • Skills To Pay The Bills
  • Shake Your Rump
  • Ch-Check it Out
  • Three MC’s And One DJ
  • So What’Cha Want

Notes: Another TV broadcast of this show exists, it included interviews between the songs and was missing the commentary between songs, and quite a few of the songs were also cut from the broadcast. This broadcast is the complete performance and is a major upgrade over the previously mentioned one. The boys are clearly having a fun time here and there is a lot of interesting and humorous commentary from the guys between songs. While this date is only a month before the MTV $2 Bill show this performance is candidly different and just as enjoyable, maybe even more so than the $2 Bill show.

Beastie Boys Live @ Amsterdam (2004) republished from siamesepuppy

Beastie Boys Live @ Amsterdam (2004)

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