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29TUNES | OutKast

OutKast’s blend of gritty Southern soul, fluid raps, and the low-slung funk of their Organized Noize production crew epitomized the Atlanta wing of Hip Hop’s rising force, the Dirty South, during the mid to late ’90s. Along with Goodie Mob, OutKast took Southern Hip Hop in bold and innovative directions: less reliance on aggression, more positivity and melody, thicker arrangements, and intricate lyrics.

After Dré and Big Boi hit number one on the rap charts with their first single, “Player’s Ball,” the duo embarked on a run of platinum albums spiked with several hit singles, enjoying numerous critical accolades in addition to their commercial success. (Bio by John Bush continued @ Allmusic)


  1. Players Ball
  2. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
  3. Git Up, Git Out
  4. Crumblin’ Erb
  5. Hootie Hoo
  6. Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac)
  7. ATLiens
  8. Wheelz Of Steel
  9. Jazzy Belle
  10. Elevators (Me & You)
  11. Ova Da Wudz
  12. Mainstream
  13. Decatur Psalm
  14. 13th Floor / Growin’ Old
  15. Rosa Parks
  16. Skew It On The Bar-B
  17. Aquemini
  18. West Savannah
  19. Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt. 1)
  20. Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt. 2)
  21. Mamacita
  22. SpottieOttieDopaliscious
  23. Gasoline Dreams
  24. So Fresh, So Clean
  25. Ms. Jackson
  26. Spaghetti Junction
  27. B.O.B.
  28. Red Velvet
  29. Slum Beautiful

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