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29TUNES | Nas

#23 (10)

In 1991, Nas hit the East Coast rap scene with a guest spot on Main Source’s “Live at the Barbecue,” a song that brought together his writing background with his street knowledge. In wake of “Barbecue,” Nas was asked to pen a song for the soundtrack for the upcoming film Zebrahead, and the song “Halftime” became the first track on the album (1992). That was the big break Nas needed, and he was soon signed to Columbia records. (Bio continued…)


  1. Halftime
  2. N.Y. State Of Mind
  3. Life’s A B****
  4. The World Is Yours
  5. It Ain’t Hard To Tell
  6. One Love
  7. If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)
  8. The Message
  9. I Gave You Power
  10. Street Dreams
  11. Nas Is Like
  12. Poppa Was A Playa
  13. My Way
  14. Ether
  15. One Mic
  16. 2nd Childhood
  17. U Wanna Be Me
  18. Made You Look
  19. Dance
  20. I Can
  21. Get Down
  22. Street’s Disciple
  23. Nazareth Savage
  24. You Know My Style
  25. Hip Hop Is Dead
  26. Where Are They Know
  27. Black Republican
  28. Black President
  29. Daughters

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