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#23 (5)

KRS-One (born Kris Parker) was the leader of Boogie Down Productions, one of the most influential hardcore Hip Hop outfits of the ’80s. At the height of his career, roughly 1987-1990, KRS-One was known for his furiously political and socially conscious raps, which is the source of his nickname, “the Teacher.” (Bio by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, continued @ Allmusic)


  1. Criminal Minded
  2. Poetry
  3. The Bridge Is Over
  4. South Bronx
  5. My Philosophy
  6. I’m Still #1
  7. The Style You Haven’t Done Yet
  8. Why Is That?
  9. Jack Of Spades
  10. You Must Learn
  11. Bo! Bo! Bo!
  12. Black Man In Effect
  13. Ya Know The Rules
  14. Love’s Gonna Get’cha
  15. Duck Down
  16. Ruff Ruff
  17. We In There
  18. Outta Here
  19. Sound Of Da Police
  20. Return Of The Boom Bap
  21. Rappaz R.N. Dainja
  22. MCs Act Like They Don’t Know
  23. Step Into A World
  24. Underground
  25. 9 Elements
  26. Hip Hop Lives
  27. Kill A Rapper
  28. I Was There
  29. Introducing

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