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29TUNES | Big Daddy Kane

#23 (1)

Emerging during Hip Hop’s massive creative expansion of the late ’80s, Big Daddy Kane was the ultimate lover man of rap’s first decade, yet there was more to him than the stylish wardrobe, gold jewelry, and sophisticated charisma. Kane possessed a prodigious rhyming technique honed from numerous B-boy battles; he could also be an Afrocentric consciousness-raiser versed in the philosophy of the Nation of Islam’s Five Percent school, or a smooth urban soul crooner whose singing was no match for his talents as an MC. While he never scored much pop-crossover success, his best material ranks among the finest Hip Hop of its era, and his sex-drenched persona was enormously influential on countless future would-be players. (Bio by Steve Huey, continued @ Allmusic)


  1. Raw (Edit)
  2. Set It Off
  3. Long Live The Kane
  4. Ain’t No Half-Steppin’
  5. Just Rhymin’ With Biz
  6. Word To The Mother(Land)
  7. I’ll Take You There
  8. Raw (Remix)
  9. It’s A Big Daddy Thing
  10. Another Victory
  11. Mortal Combat
  12. Children R The Future
  13. Young, Gifted And Black
  14. Smooth Operator
  15. Wrath Of Kane (Live)
  16. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now
  17. Warm It Up, Kane
  18. Rap Summary (Lean On Me) (Remix)
  19. Cause I Can Do It Right
  20. It’s Hard Being The Kane
  21. Put Your Weight On It
  22. ‘Nuff Respect (Remix)
  23. The Beef Is On
  24. How U Get A Record Deal?
  25. Looks Like A Job For…
  26. Lyrical Gymnastics
  27. Uncut, Pure
  28. Terra N Ya Era
  29. Shame!

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