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News Sep 13 2016 Written by

Wanted: (International) Hip Hop Artists For ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Hip Hop’ Benefit Album


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum continues to expand its Multi-Media and Education Programming by heading back to its music roots. The HHHOF Music Division will kick-off its fall fundraising campaign by releasing a Hip Hop Music Compilation Album entitled ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Hip Hop!’

In collaboration with Team Backpack – the truest platform to showcase talented artists across all spectrums of Hip Hop culture globally – and with HipHopGoldenAge, The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum will release the ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Hip Hop!’ benefit album to help fund the realisation of the physical Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum in New York City.

Featured artists will be part of an excellent selection of true Hip Hop talent and will receive large exposure after the album release. We have 20 slots available and are looking for:

  • True Hip Hop: only those artist who capture the (positive) essence of Hip Hop in their music will be selected to be part of the ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Hip Hop!’ album.
  • International artists: we want to provide an audience to Hip Hop talent from all over the world, doesn’t matter if the lyrics are in English or in any other language – as long as the Hip Hop is from the heart. Of course, US submissions are welcome too!

Send your submission to: and mention: ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Hip Hop!’. For more information:

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