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throwback Sep 22 2015 Written by

This Day In Hip Hop: 23 Years Ago

Released on this day in 1992: Showbiz & A.G. “Runaway Slave”


Runaway Slave is the debut album from Showbiz and A.G., members of legendary New York crew D.I.T.C..

The album features an early appearance from late legend Big L, on the posse cut “Represent”, other guest appearances come fromĀ Diamond D, Dres, Lord Finesse and DeShawn. The album includes many interludes between songs that features underground artists such as The Legion, Freddie Foxxx, Fat Joe, Kid Capri and Lord Finesse.

Producer Showbiz makes frequent rapping appearance on the album, unlike later releases, where he left the rhyming to A.G.

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One response to “This Day In Hip Hop: 23 Years Ago”

  1. DITC says:

    There should be more information on these two. Very hard to find Showbiz & AG details and this album deserves some more commentary from the experts at HHGA. It is a D.I.T.C. classic and also has some valuable commentary on NY in 1992 that qualifies it as a part of Hip-hop history worth more notice.

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