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Podcast Oct 18 2015 Written by

The Light Podcast: The Rapper vs The emCEE + Review of Ice-T’s Rhyme Pays

New episode of The Light! Detrone, John L, and Scott get it in while debating the definition and differences between a rapper, MC, and em-CEE. While they might not agree on everything, their answers definitely stir the pot and kickstart a tense discussion. Why are we so willing to line the pockets of dime-a-dozen rappers? Our beloved master emcees get much respect, but why is the standard they set not always enforced? Tune-in and join the discussion by commenting via Twitter and Facebook

The incomparable Ice-T‘s 1987 release “Rhyme Pays” was more influential than you probably remember. Afrika Islam’s production paved the way for a whole school of sound that followed for many years as Ice left the door open for the deluge of West Coast artists that would steadfastly follow.

Another epic episode that you don’t wanna miss!!

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