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Podcast Oct 12 2015 Written by

The Light Podcast: Substance vs Gimmick – Part 2 Review of PE’s LP Yo! Bum Rush The Show

Part 2 and a definitive wrap to the discussion on the impact of commercial Hip Hop on the culture that we started in the last episode. Substance versus the gimmick and how the lasting power of each drives the marketing strategy of the big studios. Is 50 a gimmick? We get it in and hold back NOTHING.

Det, John L, and Scott also finish the review of Public Enemy’s debut LP “Yo! Bum Rush The Show” and dig deeper into how Chuck D and Flav shifted the mindset of Hip Hop, filling the deep chasm between ignorance and knowledge-of-self with an unprecedented level of consciousness that was so desperately needed at the time.

An epic episode of The Light Podcast that you don’t wanna miss!

Scott @lightofscott
Detrone @hostylecomedy
JohnL @johnlsiv

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