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Rebel INS – Illest Feature MC Of The Golden Era?

Inspectah Deck, The Rebel INS, Rollie Fingers, the Fifth Brother. For twenty plus years rough neck Inspectah Deck has been providing guest verses with the tenacity and hunger often reserved for newcomers to the game, positioning himself as one of the best feature providers in all of Hip Hop.

From sharp bars, slick metaphors to hard punchlines, the Rebel knows how to set off a track with ease. Although the Rebel might not be a household name like some of his peers in the clan, Deck is without a doubt razor sharp.

The fall of 93 would forever change the landscape of Hip Hop music with bars from the Rebel on songs like “Protect ya neck,” “I smoke on the mic like smoking Joe Frazier, the hell raiser, raising hell with the flavor, terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan, swinging through your town like your neighborhood spiderman”. In a few bars Deck let us all know that some respect should be put on his name, captivating Hip Hop heads across the world leaving us all wanting more. Deck does not disappoint. Following the success of 36 Chambers, other golden era emcees recognized Deck as a must have collaborator.

On “Above the clouds” Deck spits with fury with lines like Sound the horn, we come rumblin through the function, precise laser beam technique to touch something, when we die, they’ll build a monument to honor us with, humongous effect in the world, we could have conquered it”. Deck holds it’s down again on Tres Leches with Prodigy and Pun, two stellar golden era emcees. Deck once again lets everyone know his bars and flow are top tier with “Way above you newcomers, I come thunderin with the heat of two summers when I enter the zone, move mountains with the presence alone before the words rip through the microphone, chrome dipped lyrics are known to split stone”.

With that I leave with some food for thought; Inspectah has had three of the illest guest verses of all time, which coincidentally all happened in 98.

Who do you have for the best guest verse provider in the golden era?

1. Gang Starr – Above The Clouds (RIP Guru)

2. Pete Rock – Tru Master

3. Big Pun – Tres Leches ( RIP Pun/Prodigy)

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StillmaticSteph is a student of the Hip Hop culture. His first exposure to authentic Hip Hop was in the mid 90’s when a neighborhood friend put a dubbed 36 Chambers tape in his Walkman. He quickly fell in love wit…

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