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Percee P “Throwback Rap Attack” (2006)

“Throwback Rap Attack” is the second single from Perseverance, the official debut studio album by Percee P. The album was released on Stones Throw Records in 2007. All tracks are produced by Madlib. The album features guest appearances from Guilty Simpson, Diamond D, Chali 2na, Prince Po, and Aesop Rock, among others.

I rap with knowledge
Lines compiled in a complex style
Convey ’em intricately say ’em slay ’em and exile
Wild rap competitors get ready for my metaphoric
Phrase, Madlib amaze, as he displays
His track scratch and catch the record I match the tempo
With lyrics that swing, no strings attached
My brain causes migraines, with lyrics I reign
I came to dispose of foes and competition dissin’ my name
Rap fans remember me for my lyrical chemistry
Brains might explode
Knowledge overloads my memory bank
All on the radio, I got a record out
In stores of yours, get wit it, get it and check it out
Clever whoever has it and don’t pass it
I’ll burn ’em like boric or hydrochloric acid
Or gastric juices, Percee P produced this
Style on the mic, biters are likely to use this
Crowds I entice, I charge the largest price
To rock, pockets are packed, the fact is I’m that nice
I’m poetical, to a science know every medical
Meaning, line ’em, define ’em in the order alphabetical
Rhymes vary, and carry proficient vocabulary
That won’t diminish, but finish off any adversary
In a second, I reckon my rhyme will take effect
And just paralyze your body, from the neck and up
Adversaries I dominate, titles I accommodate
Out loud, the crowd proudly nominate
Me as the best emcee, Stones Throw invest in me
After I rock, girls flock, caressin’ me
In parties a lot, Bacardi or not
I’ll rock a 90 minute tape and leave nobody a spot
To bust a rhyme on it, I’ll put a dime on it
You’re gonna love it, and dub it, because I’m on it, uh
Don’t try to riff, take a whiff of some coffee
Smack up those that act up, so back up off me
Laugh at ya like a psycho, might go after ya
Worse than the Valentine or Chainsaw Massacre
Any men within with talent
Challenging the P is not clever
They’ll never walk or talk again
I build, your skills go downhill and dilapidate
Records I made will be played by half the state
Girls are winkin’, I leave ’em thinkin’
Gotta rewind every line, before my rhyme finally sinks in
I’m not in college but knowledge I do accommodate
Since I’mma dominate, y’all know who to nominate
Rappers are runnin’ around
I’m aimin’ and gunnin’ ’em down
With lyrics I dare them to front on me now
Got the balls? Boo me, fans send cards to me
Punchlines will stall Cooney, since y’all knew me
I’ve been deep like Paul Mooney
I might show up so get a hearse
Ain’t no n**** worse than me when I kick a verse, mics blow up
Like a nuclear blast, you see a flash that melts ya
A fallout shelter can’t help your a**
From Percee’s versatility, hostility
You’re wack black and lack the ability to kill the P
Women? I like, how I treat ’em? Like the mic
I plug it in, turn ’em on and get hype and go
On and on, I rap ’til my mic’s worn, torn, done son
You’re unreal, just like a unicorn
You make me sick when you contradict
If you diss me or piss me off I’mma stomp you quick, slick

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