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News Jul 29 2019 Written by

MF DOOM Makes Announcement… On Twitter

Ever since Twitter’s inception, the social media platform has been a favorite tool for (Hip Hop) artists to communicate with fans and followers. The ever-elusive MF DOOM has always been an exception – his first and only tweet, posted on October 30, 2010, clearly stated: DOOM IS NOT ON TWITTER.

Until today that is. On Monday, July 29 2019, MF DOOM uses Twitter to announce… something.

Few in Hip Hop are as mysterious as MF DOOM (remember all caps when you spell the man’s name). From his constantly-masked appearance, his use of multiple aliases for different projects, his often erratic output, and the use of imposters in his live performances, MF DOOM has one of the most shrouded personas of any rapper in the game. Madvillainy, his collaboration with Madlib, is considered a modern classic, and albums such as Operation Doomsday (1999), Mm…Food (2004), The Mouse and the Mask (2005), Vaudeville Villain (2004, as Viktor Vaughn) and Take Me to Your Leader (2003, as King Geedorah) have also achieved cult status.

His nasal, raspy voice, intellectual lyricism, and taste for unconventional production have put him in the canon of all-time greats – his mystery only serves as a catalyst for his popularity; every time he does drop something new, it is guaranteed to light a fire under Hip Hop communities.

The announcement of this new project certainly jas OUR interest peaked, what about YOURS?

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