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Top 10 Hip Hop Songs J. Cole Produced For Other Artists

These are songs J. Cole produced for OTHER artists – whether or not he featured on those songs. This takes into account the whole song – not just the beat itself. One of the jokes amongst ‘Hip Hop heads’ is that J. Cole gives his best beats to other artists! What do you think?


10. Bas ft. J. Cole - Cousins

Originally on the ‘Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II’ mixtape by Bas. This song discusses family problems.


9. Pusha T ft. Kanye West, A$AP Rocky & The Dream - M.P.A.

J. Cole shared the production credits with Kanye West and Che Pope. Story goes found the sample then gave Cole the sample to do additional production to the track.


8. Fashawn ft. J.Cole & Omen - Relaxation

Featured on ‘Higher Learning Vol.2’ mixtape by Fashawn. This is a battle rap type track with pure bars over a hard hitting but soulful beat by J. Cole.


7. Fabolous ft. J. Cole - Louis Vuitton

Originally a J. Cole song but given to Fabolous for his ‘Soul Tape 2’ mixtape. This song talks about materialistic women. J. Cole has his own solo version out there on the internet with an additional third verse.


6. Fashawn - Nothing For The Radio

Fashawn keeps it positive on this song whilst talking about ghetto ills.


5. XV - Smallville

XV takes on the persona of a superhero with this concept track. He talks about dealing with the responsibility of gaining success.


4. Talib Kweli ft. Marsha Ambrosius - It Only Gets Better

Big drums and big bass on this song produced by Cole. Marsha Ambrosius sings the hook. Talib Kweli comes with optimistic lyrics.


3. Voli ft. Elite - Sunrise

Voli talks about the struggle in a non-cliché or cringe-worthy way as a lot of underground/independent rappers do. Featuring label mate Elite and produced by J. Cole.


2. Fashawn - Big Dreams

Fashawn showcases his elite lyricism over a soulful J. Cole beat. This song is inspiring and talks about trying to make it out of the struggle by having faith in big dreams.


1. Kendrick Lamar - Hiiipower

J. Cole created an epic instrumental which brought out the best of Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick laces the beat with lyrics which touch on a range of subjects from poverty to racial inequality. He references many great figures from the past and has many punchlines which may take a few listens to completely digest.


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