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June 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

June 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

June 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month: For this piece, we selected our 9 favorite Hip Hop albums released this June. Did we miss any albums you feel need to be mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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1. ShrapKnel - Nobody Planning To Leave

Underground Hip Hop veterans Curly Castro and PremRock, aka ShrapKnel, are back with their third LP, Nobody Planning To Leave. The album, produced entirely by Controller 7, boasts Open Mike Eagle, Onry Ozzborn, Lungs, Breezly Brewin, D-Styles, and ELUCID guest appearances.

The title Nobody Planning To Leave is a double-edged sword. It’s both a declaration of dedication and a nod to the realities of life. Sometimes you fight for what you love, other times fate has a different plan. One thing’s for sure – nobody wants to abandon their passion. More often than not, life’s pressures force us to walk away.

Nobody Planning To Leave is the product of a chance encounter. A few DMs between Castro and Controller 7 in 2021 blossomed into a full-fledged album. Following in the footsteps of their previous albums, ShrapKnel (2020) and Metal Lung (2022), this latest offering delivers hard-hitting, slightly experimental beats paired with intricate wordplay. Nobody Planning To Leave is a fun listen for forward-thinking underground Hip Hop fans, another jewel in the crown of the Backwoodz Studioz label.

Release date: June 7, 2024.

2. Lupe Fiasco - Samurai

Lupe Fiasco’s ninth studio album, Samurai, is an intriguing concept project dedicated to the life and career of neo-soul singer Amy Winehouse, imagined from her perspective as a battle rapper. Though the concept may not fully come across, the album is a compelling listen anyway.

The album’s concept, inspired by an actual voicemail from Winehouse, is a creative homage to her legacy. Standout tracks like “Samurai” and “Cake” feature minimalistic, jazzy beats that perfectly complement Lupe’s dense rhyme schemes, making the album an easy and at the same time complex listening experience. The absolute highlight, “No. 1 Headband,” is one of the best Hip Hop songs of the year. The production throughout the album is smooth and jazzy, with clean and polished instrumentals that emphasize Lupe’s intricate lyrics and diverse flows, allowing listeners to focus on the depth and complexity of his storytelling.

Samurai consists of eight tracks and runs just over 30 minutes, which we feel is too brief to really be considered a full album. However, by our standards, it qualifies for making the cut for our best albums list, if just barely. Because of its short length, it demands perfection, and while the album starts strong, not all tracks maintain the same level of quality musically. Lupe’s pengame and lyrical prowess are as impressive as ever, but the beats, particularly in the latter tracks, tend to meander.

For us, Samurai is better than Drill Music in Zion (2022) but doesn’t quite reach the heights of Tetsuo & Youth (2015) or Drogas Wave (2018). It also falls short of the brilliance of his first two albums, Food & Liquor (2006) and The Cool (2007). Nonetheless, Samurai is a strong addition to Lupe’s discography, with his technical skill and lyrical depth on full display.

Samurai may require multiple listens to fully appreciate its lyrical intricacies, but it is a smooth, thematically rich album that will satisfy both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

Release date: June 28, 2024.

3. Joey Valence & Brae - No Hands

Joey Valence & Brae return with a genre-bending party on their NO HANDS album, reminiscent of a time when it was still OK for Hip Hop albums to be FUN. Forget generic Hip Hop; this album throws everything in the mix, from Miami bass to old-school breakbeat, with splashes of electronic dance music and even jazz. Somehow, it all works together beautifully. The beats are powerful and energetic, providing the ideal platform for the duo’s engaging lyrical delivery.

NO HANDS is a clear step up from their debut. The album feels more polished, the rhymes flow better, and the chemistry between Joey Valence and Brae is even more tangible. Valence’s production skills are on full display as he blends diverse musical influences into a cohesive and infectious sound.

The album boasts some fire collaborations as well. Especially Danny Brown’s feature on “PACKAPUNCH” integrates into the album’s vibrant atmosphere perfectly, adding another layer of energy to the already electrifying track. NO HANDS channels the humorous old-school energy of the Beastie Boys, but with a modern twist that keeps things fresh and exciting.

Despite being only 31 minutes long, NO HANDS packs a punch. Playful, internet-savvy lyrics add to the album’s charm, making it an enjoyable listen from beginning to end. Tracks like “PACKAPUNCH”, “NO HANDS”, “LIKE A PUNK”, “THE BADDEST”, “OK”, “JOHN CENA”, and “DOUGHBOY” flaunt the duo’s talent for crafting fun and energetic Hip Hop.

In short, NO HANDS is a contender for the year’s ‘funnest’ album. It’s a perfect example of how to have a blast making music and still deliver top-notch Hip Hop. This album cements the duo’s place in the East Coast scene and leaves us hungry to see what crazy concoctions they come up with next.

Release date: June 7, 2024.

4. YUNGMORPHEUS & Alexander Spit - Waking Up & Choosing Violence

YUNGMORPHEUS’s latest album, Waking Up and Choosing Violence, finds the L.A.-based rapper navigating life’s anxieties with renewed vigor. Partnering with producer Alexander Spit, known for his work with The Alchemist, YUNGMORPHEUS sounds more energized than ever. Tracks like “DEAD WHITE FACES” and “Chateau d’Yquem” capture his reflections on societal struggles and personal transitions. On “Deuteragonist’s Issue #3,” he acknowledges faulty foundations, his delivery shifting from dejection to relief, signaling a deeper understanding of life’s priorities.

Spit’s production enhances YUNGMORPHEUS’s introspective journey. “A Moment’s Reprieve” transitions from a somber sax to joyful samples, paralleling the artist’s musings on outgrowing old habits. “Al Herpin” blends nostalgic sounds with modern beats, displaying YUNGMORPHEUS’s ability to weave personal history with contemporary issues.

Supported by Spit’s masterful production, YUNGMORPHEUS delivers brutally honest lyrics with a newfound confidence. Waking Up and Choosing Violence is a pivotal record in his discography, poised to elevate his career.

Release date: June 28, 2024. 

5. Your Old Droog - Movie

Your Old Droog’s ninth studio album, Movie, sees the Ukrainian-American lyricist returning with a project that balances varied production styles and introspective themes. Known for his 90s Hip Hop style and comparisons to Nas and MF Doom, Droog floats over beats from notable producers like Just Blaze, Harry Fraud, Madlib, and others.

On Movie, Droog delivers observations on the rap game, reflections on his childhood, and classic braggadocio, all wrapped in his improved lyricism. While he occasionally drops a questionable line, his ability to toe the line between charmingly bold and overly flamboyant remains intact.

The album starts slowly but picks up momentum, maintaining consistency throughout. Droog’s earnest reflections on his struggles, upbringing, family, and heritage shine through tracks like “Mantra” and “Grandmother’s Lessons.” “The Sandbox” stands out as a touching tribute to three children who passed too soon.

Droog also showcases his witty side with clever bars on tracks like “Success & Power,” “Crescent Moon,” and “3 MILLION,” while songs like “I Think I Love Her” and “A Damn Shame” add a charming touch. However, some lines, such as a controversial Hitler reference on “Mercury Thermometers,” are hard to ignore, though they are thankfully few and far between.

The production on Movie is solid, with a vintage-like quality and samples that sound delightfully dirty and blurry. Droog’s technical proficiency shines, making this one of his most complete projects in recent years. Overall, Movie is a strong addition to Your Old Droog’s discography. Fans of 90s Hip Hop and thoughtful, introspective lyrics will find much to enjoy here.

Release date: June 20, 2024.

6. Body Bag Ben & XP the Marxman - Good Times, Bad Times

Body Bag Ban, one of our favorite producers in the grimy neo-boom-bap subgenre, delivers another quality underground project with XP the Marxman. While we slightly favor BBB’s collaboration with Vega7 The Ronin on Kawasaki Killers released in March, Good Times, Bad Times more than holds its own and is nearly as impressive.

Release date: June 28, 2024.

7. Nord1kone - Last Man Standing

Executive produced by Chuck D and released on Spitslam Records, prolific artist Nord1kone presents his new solo album, Last Man Standing. Featuring sharp rhymes over throwback boom-bap beats, Last Man Standing flaunts the talent and hard work of one of the Bay Area’s most hardworking emcees. The album includes guest appearances from El Da Sensei and members of Outsiders Syndicate, adding to its authentic sound. Fans of Nord1kone will recognize his consistent delivery of 90s-centric boom-bap. Last Man Standing is a must-listen for those who appreciate traditional Hip Hop sounds.

Release date: June 21, 2024. 

8. Muja Messiah & Dub Sonata - Break The Stereo

Minneapolis’ own Muja (formerly known as Muja Messiah) teams up with producer Dub Sonata for the collaborative album Break The Stereo. Spanning 11 tracks, this project takes listeners on a journey from the Twin Cities to the Five Boroughs, featuring contributions from frequent collaborators like Slug, Nazeem, Nejma Nefertiti, Bobby J From Rockaway, Tone Spliff, and Queensbridge icon Tragedy Khadafi.

Break The Stereo is a compelling listen, with hard-hitting beats and sharp rhymes that showcase the chemistry between all involved. There are plenty of dope tracks here, but the title song “Break The Stereo” featuring Tragedy Khadafi is the absolute stand-out cut.

Release date: June 21, 2024.

9. Ty Farris - Enigma With An Attitude

After nearly a year since his last release, Detroit veteran emcee Ty Farris returns with his 11th LP. His No Cosign Just Cocaine mixtape series is his best work for us, but this project is fire too. On Enigma with An Attitude, Ty’s collaborates with some of our favorite underground producers, like Futurewave, Animoss, August Fanon, Wino Willy, Wavy Da Ghawd, and Camoflauge Monk. Tracks like “Alchemy in the Trenches”, “Mind of the Jigsaw”, and “The Man, The Myth, The Mystery” display his deadly lyricism. This album explores the complex, mysterious nature of the streets, offering thought-provoking lines and a unique, reflective approach.

Release date: June 14, 2024.

Honorable Mentions

  • NightjaR – Mala Leche
  • Da Beatminerz – Stifled Creativity
  • Estee Nack & BoneWeso – Systematically We Were Never Free
  • Spanish Ran – Abandoned Saints
  • Sankofa – 5 Mugs Of Doom
  • JasonMartin & DJ Quik – Chupacabra
  • jev. – when angels cry.
  • Eyeree – .WAV GAWD
  • Invizible Handz & Nijahova – Jah Handz
  • Bub Styles – Fume Raider
  • Asun Eastwood & Wizdome Bunitall – Let Me Talk My Sh*t Too
  • Mitchy Slick – Selective Politicin’
  • KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Tapestry
  • LVLC – Lovelace & Company
  • Megan Thee Stallion – MEGAN

Full 2024 Honorable Mentions List

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