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April 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

April 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

April 2024 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month: For this piece, we selected our 9 favorite Hip Hop albums released this April. Did we miss any albums you feel need to be mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Apathy - Connecticut Casual: Chapter 2

Two decades after emerging as part of the Demigodz and Army of the Pharaohs collectives, Connecticut underground emcee Apathy celebrates the upcoming 10th anniversary of his acclaimed Connecticut Casual album with a sequel. This ninth full-length solo LP returns to his roots, with Playa Haze crafting a chilled-out boom-bap soundscape reminiscent of 90s Hip Hop, without sounding derivative. Longtime collaborator Celph Tilted appears on “Todd McFarlane”, just one of the many standout tracks on the album. Connecticut Casual 2 is a mature evolution for Apathy, showcasing his lyrical prowess over stylish beats. This album is a must-listen for fans of classic Hip Hop and followers of Apathy’s career trajectory.

Release date: April 12, 2024.

2. Gangrene - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Gangrene, the duo comprised of producer/rapper The Alchemist and rapper/producer Oh No, came to fruition through a chance meeting facilitated by their mutual friend and Dilated Peoples member, Evidence. What began as a casual exchange of beats and verses via email swiftly evolved into a serious musical partnership, leading the duo to unveil Gangrene. Their debut album, Gutter Water, made its mark in 2010 and was followed by Vodka & Ayahuasca in 2012 and their third offering, You Disgust Me, in 2015.

Often flying under the radar, the first three Gangrene projects deserve more recognition. Their album Heads I Win, Tails You Lose further solidifies the quality level of their discography. Oh No and Uncle Al both deliver solid bars and flows, and the grimy boom-bap production and intricate sampling truly captivate. The album features appearances from trusted collaborators like Evidence and Boldy James, the latter shining on the standout cut “Just Doing Art”. This release arguably is Gangrene’s darkest and most enigmatic work to date, maintaining their signature sound while delving into deeper, more cryptic themes.

Release date: April 19, 2024.

3. Eddie Kaine & Big Ghost Ltd - Last Exit To Crooklyn

In the ongoing storyline of Eddie Kaine and his experiences in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood, Last Exit To Crooklyn picks up where A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (2021) left off, with both albums produced by Big Ghost Ltd. Collaborating with artists like Planet Asia, Rim, Jae Skeese, Smaccz, Emilio Craig, Spoda, O Dawg, and Passport Rav, this latest project is Eddie Kaine’s best work to date for us. The album offers a diverse mix of voices that add depth to Kaine’s storytelling, providing insight into the challenges and realities of life in Bed Stuy. From introspective reflections to gritty street tales, Kaine’s sharp lyricism is engaging throughout, set against Big Ghost Ltd.’s distinctive production style. Last Exit To Crooklyn is a must-listen for fans of authentic Hip Hop, offering a genuine glimpse into one of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods, cementing Eddie Kaine’s place as a promising voice in Brooklyn’s Hip Hop scene.

Release date: April 2, 2024.

4. Brother Ali & unJUST - Love & Service

Minneapolis legend Brother Ali’s 2024 album Love & Service is a powerful addition to his impressive two-decade discography, following 2019’s surprise release Secrets & Escapes. Ali’s trademark sharp lyrics and passionate delivery are fully displayed on Love & Service, tackling weighty themes like God, mortality, societal collapse, and the enduring search for beauty. The unconventional production, crafted by unJUST of Hieroglyphics fame, offers a heady blend of chopped-up 70s and 80s educational film samples, creating a warm but raw soundscape that perfectly complements Ali’s dense wordplay.

Love & Service isn’t afraid to ask tough questions. It’s a beautiful album, that confronts the harsh realities of human failings. The guest spots, featuring heavyweights Roc Marciano, Aesop Rock, Quelle Chris, and Casual, add to the album’s richness. Clocking in at 42 minutes, the album is packed with substance without sacrificing flow, blending styles while maintaining a cohesive feel. Love & Service may not reach the heights of classics like Shadows On The Sun (2003) or The Undisputed Truth (2007), but it’s undoubtedly a worthy addition to Brother Ali’s legacy. This is conscious Hip Hop at its finest: thought-provoking, socially aware, and ultimately, hopeful.

Release date: April 26, 2024. 

5. Cavalier - Different Type Time

Brooklyn-born New Orleans-based rapper Cavalier returns to the spotlight with Different Type Time, an album steeped in reflection and a deep appreciation for Hip Hop’s legacy. His labyrinthine flows navigate smooth jazz-infused beats, reaffirming his status as a formidable wordsmith. Production from Quelle Chris, Ahwlee, and Messiah Musik creates a cohesive soundscape. Cavalier curates the experience meticulously, ensuring the 21-song, hour-long project feels pristine and tasteful.

Different Type Time might be a long-awaited return for solo Cavalier, but it was well worth the wait. It’s a refreshingly introspective look at life’s complexities, reminding us of music’s enduring power. This tasteful fusion of jazz-hop and introspective lyricism makes it a hidden gem deserving your attention.

Release date: April 19, 2024. 

6. Mickey Diamond & Ral Duke - Super Shredder

Detroit rapper Mickey Diamond has been working hard to establish his position as a figure to watch in the underground scene, and Super Shredder is one of his finest works to date. Since making waves with his debut EP Bangkok Dangerous in early 2020, Mickey Diamond has consistently impressed with nearly 20 projects in only four years. Over the past year, he has delivered some of his most compelling work, including the Ral Duke-produced Oroku Saki EP, a prelude to Super Shredder.

Reuniting with Ral Duke in 2024, Mickey Diamond continues to show off his distinctive voice and lyrical talent. Super Shredder builds upon the foundation laid by Oroku Saki, with Ral Duke’s raw production setting the stage for a record that pays homage to the iconic MF DOOM with taste and finesse. The album maintains a consistent level of quality, with Ral Duke’s evolving beats complementing Mickey Diamond’s unique delivery. The infusion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles samples adds an intriguing element that goes well with the MF DOOM references woven throughout the project. Listeners can anticipate top-tier production and entertaining lyrical performances, delivering on the promise of Mickey Diamond and Ral Duke’s previous collaboration.

Release date: April 5, 2024. 

7. Stetsasonic - Here We Go Again

Stetsasonic deserves a place at the forefront of classic Hip Hop conversations. Their 1986 debut, On Fire, was hugely influential despite often being overlooked. Under Prince Paul’s visionary guidance and Daddy O’s leadership, it was a cornerstone of Golden Age Hip Hop.

While their 1988 follow-up, In Full Gear, got overshadowed by other monumental releases in a stacked year, with classic tracks like “Sally,” “Miami Bass,” and “Talkin’ All That Jazz” it cannot be denied that it was a great album too. Their third album, Blood, Sweat & No Tears, didn’t quite capture the same magic of the first two, and by 1991, Prince Paul was busy launching De La Soul and later Gravediggaz (with Stetsasonic member Frukwan, the only original group member absent from the new album).

Fast forward 33 years, and the world’s first Hip Hop band is back with a bang. Here We Go Again is a 12-track journey featuring the core crew of Daddy-O, MC Delite, Wise, Bobby Simmons, and a surprise reunion with Prince Paul. It’s a diverse project, but undeniably Hip Hop at its core, with guest appearances by Ruste Juxx, Lillo Thomas, and Smoothe Da Hustler.

While a few tracks might not land perfectly, the overall vibe is fun. The group’s infectious energy is palpable, brimming with dope throwback vibes. If there’s a touch of nostalgia coloring our perception, it is a testament to the respect Stetsasonic commands and the enduring legacy of their first two albums (which, by the way, are essential listens if you haven’t heard them yet!).

Release date: April 5, 2024.

8. Planet Asia x Local Astronauts - No Retirement

Hailing from Fresno, California, Planet Asia is no stranger to collaboration. A former member of Cali Agents, Durag Dynasty, General Monks, Gold Chain Military, and Skhool Yard, he’s built a reputation for consistent work. Hip Hop often carries a stigma about age, but Planet Asia shatters that with his latest project, No Retirement. Forget the “young man’s game” narrative – here’s a legendary MC proving veterans can stay relevant by refreshing their sound.

This 13-track album, produced entirely by LA’s Local Astronauts, is an ode to that very idea. It opens with the late Nipsey Hussle’s voice on independence, setting the tone for Asia’s lyrical prowess. Tracks like “Incognito” and “Deadly Dialogue” showcase his wordplay, while “Cigar Lounge” featuring Washeyi Choir and “Cognac” exemplify his smooth flow over soulful samples. “Easy On The Pedal” with Jay Worthy continues this vibe, proving King Medallions (one of Asia’s aliases) can adapt with the best. But Asia doesn’t shy away from classic energy. Bangers like “Watch Out” and “Already Know” are sure to ignite crowds.

No Retirement is a cohesive journey, catering to both longtime fans and the new generation. While it might not quite reach the heights of Sardines, his 2023 collaboration with Apollo Brown, No Retirement is a solid offering from a true Hip Hop veteran.

Release date: April 6, 2024. 

9. Marv Won - I'm Fine, Thanks For Asking

Detroit veteran Marv Won emerges from the battle rap trenches with a strong offering, I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking, his debut album on Mello Music Group. This isn’t your typical braggadocious battle rap bravado. Marv Won, a self-described “musical alchemist” and “street poet laureate,” weaves a tapestry of struggle and triumph heavily influenced by his life in the Motor City.

Won’s pedigree shines through. A heavyweight in the battle rap scene, he brings a ferocious lyricism to his rhymes, raw and unfiltered yet deeply personal. This album marks a turning point, showcasing a potent blend of his wordplay and production skills. Features of respected artists like Quelle Chris, Elzhi, Freeway, and Rapper Big Pooh add extra value.

While a few more tracks might have added weight to the project, I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking remains a tight and undeniably dope listen.

Release date: April 5, 2024.

Honorable Mentions

  • Sole & DJ Pain 1 – Vault 1312
  • B.A.R.S. Murre – Jewelry Store Shootouts
  • Double A.B. & Git Beats – Lungs Of Mahalia
  • Weapon E.S.P, Ghost of the Machine & Reckonize Real – Savageland 2
  • Substance810 & Observe – The Lion’s Share 3: Pride Of The Lion
  • The Band of the Hawk – There Is No Tomorrow
  • AKTHESAVIOR & sagun – u r not alone
  • Pro Dillinger & Sean Kelly – Reasonable Dirt
  • Classified – Luke’s View
  • Skrewtape & IceRocks – Shoebox Sonata
  • Matt Maddox – Year Of The Ox
  • Swank & King Draft – Vice City
  • Kooley High & Tuamie – All Infinite
  • Bless Picasso – The Rillest In The Room
  • Termanology & NasteeLuvzYou – Time Is Currency
  • NugLife – NUGLIFE 2024
  • Sankofa – Impossible Bottle Service
  • Codenine & Chronic Tone – C​À​IRDEAS
  • Steph Simon – The Tulsa King: Everything The Light Touches
  • Nascent – Don’t Grow Up Too Soon

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