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5 Great Artists With Only One Album


5 Great One and (Hopefully Not) Done Albums

Ill Biskits – Chronicles of Two Losers (1996)


Deeda and Kleph Dollaz were two MC’s from Virginia who gained minor buzz in 1994 with the Lord Finesse produced track “22 Years”. In 1996 after being signed to Atlantic they recorded a debut album, but Atlantic shelved it and the duo soon disbanded.

It was not until 2007 did the album Chronicles of Two Losers get its deserved released. The album embodies East Coast boom bap Hip Hop and still sounds fresh even though it is almost 20 years old. The pair of rappers will not blow you away but provide you a perfect vocal accessory to the hard-hitting beats in the background.

With introspection, braggadocio and everything in between, the album is an extremely enjoyable listening experience. Kleph would go on to produce for artists such as Talib Kweli, M.O.P., Sadat X and Sean Price. Kleph died of a heart attack in 2012.

InI – Center of Attention (1995)


InI consisted of Rob-O, Grap Luva, Ras G a.k.a. I Love H.I.M., Marco Polo, now known as Jolomite, and DJ Boodakhan. They were signed to Pete Rock’s Soul Brother Records, who also produced the majority of the album.

After the single “Fakin’ Jax” was released their recorded debut was shelved in 1995. The single became an underground classic and the album became a popular bootleg, not being properly released until 2003. Pete Rock’s beats chilled out and mellow beats accompanied with great group’s chemistry the album is a smooth-flowing experience.

Y Society – Travel At Your Own Pace (2007)


Damu the Fudgmunk teamed up with rapper Insight as Y Society for 2007’s Travel At Your Own Pace. The beats on this album are simply fantastic. Smooth, crisp, sample driven and jazzy they offer an intense feeling of nostalgia. Insight’s rhymes are intelligent and insightful pairing perfectly with distinguished sounding beats. The album is a literal journey that you wish never ended.

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998)


Lauryn Hill is one of the most talented entities in the history of Hip Hop. She was part of the popular 90’s Hip Hop group The Fugees. After their breakup in 1997 Lauryn released her only solo album thus far in 1998. It is a beautiful combination of soul, Hip Hop and reggae with powerful messages about society and life.

This album is a classic and is 1 of 3 Hip Hop albums in Congress’s National Recording Registry. Since then she has only released an acoustic live performance and a couple singles.

Al’ Tariq – God’s Connection (1996)


Al’ Tariq, now known as Fashion, started off as a member of the Queens group The Beatnuts. After appearing on the Intoxicated Demons EP and Beatnuts: Street Level, he left the group to pursue a solo career.

His only solo album to date is 1996’s God’s Connection. Containing beats from his former group and other big names such as No I.D., the album is well crafted and does not stray much from The Beatnut ideology of making sure the beats are hot.  Al’ Tariq rhymes with a smooth yet in your face delivery that is quintessential NY Hip Hop.

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