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Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Museum Coming To NYC

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Adds Hotel, Retail, & Performance Venue to New Manhattan Hip Hop Museum Design Concept

NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum and Entertainment Complex vision of the design concept is to include the Hall of Fame, Museum, 5 Star Hotel, Retail Stores & Gift Shop, Arcade, TV Studios, Sports Bar, Restaurant & Concert Lounge with a goal of serving up to 1,000,000 local, national, and international visitors annually including music fans, tourists, students, culture enthusiasts, and families on educational & entertainment excursion tours. The facility will produce permanent and part time jobs, provide valuable internships and community volunteer opportunities, with a goal to host up to 150+ live events, shows, concerts, and educational programs annually for people of all ages. The project is expected to yield a significant socio-economic financial impact in NYC and the Tri-State areas annually. All of these elements increase the overall sustainability of the Museum project with multiple attractions, and investment partnerships on Hotel, Retail, and Entertainment. The HHHOF is non-profit Culture Museum and Educational Institution, and the Museum seeks to also inspire over 20,000 NYC public school kids per year with its field trips, tours, and live event assembly programs that feature the Official HHHOF Mascot DJ ‘B-Boy Scratch’ doing PSA’s, passing out academic awards, and gift bags for kids k-12.


Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex State of The Art Facility Coming to New York City in Manhattan. Daytime view.

Furthermore, the museum exhibits will offer important and unique documentation of Hip Hop’s development and its impact on social trends.  The Museum will enshrine Hip Hop pioneers and legends in wax and through displays (memorabilia and collectibles are presently being gathered and cataloged). Exhibition objects will derive from the HHHOF archives and from other distinguished collections of our Hip Hop Archive & Preservation Alliance partner members, that include The Grammy Museum, The Cornell U’s Hip Hop Collection, Harvard Hip Hop Archive, NYU Hip Hop Education Center, The Smithsonian Institute Museum, The NMAAH, LACMA, OMA, The 2Pac Center, University of Houston, NMAAM, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and many more private collections. The goal of the visitor center is to broaden exposure, access, and education to the arts by sharing the diversity of authentic Hip Hop Music, Arts and Culture with children, families, fans, and the general public whose limited access to Hip Hop culture is through viewing videos via social media and hearing music on the radio, not an accurate representation of the true elements of Hip Hop culture. These exhibits will also tour schools, both nationally and internationally, that have programs and curricula that demonstrate how Hip Hop culture has significant contributions and social, educational, and economic impacts on the global scene.  As “rock-n-roll” was for baby boomers, Hip Hop is today’s dominant youth culture worldwide.

Hip Hop music and culture today is a thriving social and economic marketplace encompassing music, film, sports, television, fashion, education and advertising. The HHHOF serves a very unique, diverse, and loyal targeted global audience that consist of youth demographics ages 12-34, and their families 25-55 who spend and influence approximately $1 Trillion dollars per year according to Russell Simmons advertising agency, on products, services, events, merchandise, and technology. Visitors will have the ability to tour the Hall of Fame & Museum, stay in a top Hotel, Shop at the Retail Stores & Gift Shop, purchase official Merchandise, enjoy fine dining cuisine and sporting events at the themed Restaurant & Sports Bar. Guests can also take in some fun with the kids at the Arcade, and enjoy an evening out with a live top 40 performances at the Concert Lounge that is also filmed in our TV Broadcast Studio.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex State of The Art Facility Coming to New York City in Manhattan. Nighttime view.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex State of The Art Facility Coming to New York City in Manhattan. Nighttime view.

The HHHOF has narrowed its site selection to two choices in Manhattan in proximity to transportation hub areas where an estimated 20+ million tourists and commuters pass by and travel annually. Tourism is expected to see a continual rise in New York City over the next 7-10 years, cited by a recent government report.

The HHHOF seeks an experienced and professional development and investment strategic partner. The firm will work with our development team, and seamlessly with New York City and State Building & Development agencies, Hotel, Retail, and our Cultural Institutional partners on this historical development coming to the Manhattan skyline.

“We are pleased that the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Hotel Building project is moving forward and that it will have a major socio-economic impact on tourism, culture, education, live events, film & television production and broadcasting, and job creation in New York City,” stated JT Thompson, the creator and executive producer of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show that aired on BET Cable Network in the 90s, and Founder of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame envisions a state of the art ‘Green Technology & Energy Conservation’ Museum building project that will aggressively explore and utilize all of the available cost and energy saving technologies and mechanisms that are currently in the marketplace. This will include everything from doors, windows, insulation, furniture, heating, cooling, water usage, storage, staging, lighting, audio, appliances, electronics, energy generation, waste disposal, recycling, customer service, exterior structural materials, interior designs, and exhibits.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has been in ongoing conversations with prospective supporters in regards to its upcoming Capital Campaign to begin shortly that will include support programs from Artists, Individuals, Foundations, Government Agencies, Private Investment Funds, and Corporate Partners whose expertise and contributions will help shape the project and bring its unique cultural identity to life on the world stage. The HHHOF also envisions offering an array of Sponsorship and Naming Rights opportunities for National & International Corporate Brands, Products, Service Providers, and Facility Vendors. These once in a lifetime offers will include exclusive multi-year official category sponsorships and naming rights opportunities on-site throughout the facility to include the Themed Restaurant, Concert Lounges, Live Event Stages, Television Studios, Arcade, Community Rooms, Retail Gift Store, and Outdoor signage. Others envisioned will include the building Marquee, Full Floors, Exhibits, Displays, Commissioned works of Art, Live Events, Tours, Community & Educational Programs, Archive Preservation and Library.  The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will also utilize these in-kind partnership products, services, technology, appliances, and electronics in the daily operations of the facility, and incorporate them into the fabric of the museum & entertainment complex attractions and architecture reaching the most coveted advertiser demographics of Hip Hop, urban, and pop culture.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame development team anticipates completing the building site acquisition process by early 2017 with its partners. The next phase will include making preparations for completing the exterior and interior design infrastructure process for a projected 2019-20 grand opening in Manhattan. HHHOF Founder JT Thompson and Project Manager is Andrew Bast of Zubatkin & Associates Owner Representation have also met with the major live event producers and venue owner-operators in the industry to discuss a long-term management partnership for the HHHOF Concert & Performance Venue. They have also begun discussions with major Hotel chains for potential partnerships, with private investors and management group to co-own and operate the 5 star Hotel on-site. The selected architectural & engineering firms, building contractors, and exhibit design firms will be on the ground floor to design the flow of the museum, hotel, offices, retail stores, floors, exhibits, and entertainment attractions in association with HealyKohler Design the creative building and exhibit design consultant on the project led by Terrance Healy. The museum is currently putting a plan in place for operational management, staffing, and programming with Ms. Terrie Rouse of Rouse Consulting who is serving as senior consultant advisor on the projects museum operations. Industry Veteran Executives including MCA’s Ernie Singleton, Giant Records Ms. Cassandra Mills, RCA’s Kevin Evans are being tapped to join an expanding group of Advisors and Industry Relations professionals to be announced in the coming months that will include major Moguls, Artists, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers from all sectors of Business, Finance, Education, The Arts, Community, and Political leadership.

Ongoing Educational Programming & Entertainment Projects:

Official Community Website The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has is rebranding its corporate logos and website at  The new community website and multi-media content platform. The site also has a fan page set up, with up to date news, videos, and historical programming geared to all of the elements of Hip Hop culture including MCs, DJs, B-Boys/Girls, and Artists Gallery. Fans can also buy tickets to events, and follow along on social media pages.

Fan VIP Membership Campaign The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is offering ‘Fan VIP Memberships’ for $35 to support the museum and educational institutions building project and operations, and the first 350,000 members will be included in the HHHOF ‘Fan Wall of Fame Exhibit’ that will give fans a place in the hall of fame with video and picture. Fans will also get discounts on official merchandise, tickets, events, and future benefits in development.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards ‘Induction Ceremony & Concert’ TV Show will return unveiling the inductees in November 2016 press event. The Awards show will induct Hip Hop Legends and Pioneers into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum in its annual television special and awards week gala.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum Benefit Album The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Music Division is set to drop a Museum Benefit Album entitled ‘Peace, Love, Unity, and Hip Hop’ just in time for the Holidays on Tuesday December 7th. The compilation album will consist of 50 songs from Hip Hop legends, and emerging artists from all over the United States, and around the World.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Books & Publishing Hip Hop Hall of Fame Books & Publishing Division to publish the Book ‘Hip Hop Who’s Who’ The Best of Hip Hop Artists & Executives in Music, Film, Sports, Television, Fashion, and Business by JT Thompson in association with researchers and scholars. This is one of many titles of educational and entertainment publications coming from the HHHOF.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Films The HHHOF has many projects in development including ‘The Mike & Dave Harlem Hip Hop Story’ about one of the very first Hip Hop party and show promoters who grew into on of the first independently distributed record labels. The story features legends from The Furious Five, Grandmaster Flash, The Cold Crush Brothers, The Crash Crew, The Boogie Boys, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock and more. Project is being co-produced by DJ Lord Yoda X, Rob Base, and Spice.

Hip Hop Youth ‘Arts & Media’ Academy Programs The HHHOF has partnered with Hip Hop Global Media & Entertainment and taken steps to set up a youth academy of different programs from fashion, entrepreneurship, mural arts, film & television production, computer coding, and 3D printing to push the educational envelope for young people ages 16-24 to come learn and get hands on training producing real content and projects to gain experience and training for college, employment, and achievement. These programs also come with life skills training, and financial literacy.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame University Partnerships The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has expanded its educational development and curriculum offerings by partnering with Colleges and Universities in different regions on the United States, and around the World.  In New York City we are in discussions with LIU to complete a long term partnership for joint research, programming, events, forums, and recruitment for students to learn music science, entrepreneurship, and multi-media production. We are also finalizing work with HBCU’s including Jackson State University and other SWAC, MEAC, and CIAA schools, and also the University of California.

Annual Educational Symposiums & Political Forums Tours The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will continue to push the envelope for open discussions and dialogues on a wide range of national and international topics. These include bridging the gaps of the Hip Hop & civil rights generations, to education reform, criminal justice reform, community development, entrepreneurship, and career development programs to accelerate growth in job creation, and community sustainability. The Arts and Preservation forums will continue to push the use of new technologies in the museum and attractions space on future projects and curations.

HHHOF Annual Music Festivals & Live Events The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will continue to produce our annual flagship events like the HHHOF Awards TV Show, the Pre-Grammy Legends & Icons Show, The Harlem & NYC Hip Hop Festival with Harlem Week during the Summers. The HHHOF has partnered with Black Medallions to Co-Produce the ‘Native Tongues’ Art & Music Festival nationwide that is returning in December to NYC. There are other co-production television shows and music events coming in 2017.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame National Tours & International Tours The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has partnered with TeamBackPack in America & International, and HipHopGoldenAge in Europe on the upcoming Hip Hop Music & Culture Festival Tour in the USA, and heading to Europe in April 2017.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame TV Network The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has partnered with Hip Hop TV Network Channel to deliver 24/7 content via OTT and VOD channels. The programming in development will consist of daily and weekly programs, and our annual live events and music festival in partnership with advertisers and distributors.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame ‘National Artists Memorials’ The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has commissioned works of artists to be on display in parks or public spaces in cooperation with local governmental authorities. The first projects include the #BiggieMemorial sculpture development by Ms. Tanda to be placed in his hometown of Brooklyn. A #TupacMemorial is in the works for Oakland, California. Another similar project is for the #NWAMemorial to place in Compton, California showcasing Eazy E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and the group members who made such an impact on society and music.

“This is what sets the Hip Hop Hall of Fame apart from other groups, as our focus is not just on preserving and archiving Hip Hop History, but contributing to the positive growth and education of our youth through education, mentoring, and job training. The plan is to also expand Hip Hop Music & Cultural opportunities for Artists, Executives, Service providers, and Businesses to grow volume worldwide,” stated JT Thompson.

All interested partnership firms, sponsors, can contact us at

All fans and potential interns & volunteers can follow us at Official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

About The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Founder JT Thompson The Hip Hop Hall of Fame was Established in 1992 by Founder J.T. Thompson, who created and executive produced the first HHHOF Awards TV Show on the BET Cable Network in the 1990’s, as the first annual fundraising catalyst for the establishment of a Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum in New York City; modeled after the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum which produced 20 years of awards shows before eventually opening their Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The Entrepreneur, Producer, and Community Advocate is a Brooklyn Born, Queens, and Harlem raised Hip Hop Connoisseur, whose grand-uncle played with Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman, when African-Americans could not stay in or eat at the places they played, nor own their own music and publishing.

He is an Honorably Discharged US Army Veteran (NY Post Hop-hall-of-fame-a-reality/ ), and former College Basketball Scholarship Student Athlete and Free Agent Professional. He entered the business as a concert promoter and television producer, as a guest of former MCA/Universal artists Pebbles, and the R&B Group the Deele, that featured multi-Grammy Award winning artists/producers/record executives L.A. Reid & BabyFace.

He was founder partner of the LA Gang Truce Alliance in 1992 during the LA Riots and led the private and public development partnerships with RLA that later became empowerment zones. He has worked independently in every facet of an entertainment company including Music, Film, Television, and Sports by creating, and producing shows & concerts, talent casting, PR, marketing, advertising sales, distribution, retail management, and is the architect of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex “Co-Branding” Business Strategy. His Development and Consulting Company Thompson International Professionals has different projects in various stages of development. JT and the HHHOF has organized and participated in numerous events that included Jesse Jackson, NAACP, President Bill Clinton, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Russell Simmons, Ice T, Master P, Pdiddy Combs, Mark Pitts, Lil Kim, Baby Williams, Dr. Dre, Shaquille O’neal, Rakim, Grandmaster Flash, Biz Markie, SugarHill Gang, Roxanne Shante, Doug E Fresh, Snoop Dog, E-40, EPMD, YoYo, Eazy E, Kool Herc, Ice T, Ice Cube, John Singleton, DJ Quik, and many more.

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