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Podcast Sep 1 2015 Written by

Channel 10 Podcast – A Conversation With Schoolly D

Jesse “Schoolly D” Weaver is a Hip Hop pioneer whose wide ranging career encompasses a variety of music, television, and film projects, however he is best known for being credited as the first gangsta rapper. His hits include PSK, Saturday Night, Gucci Time, King of New York Theme Song, the music from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and more.

We talk with Schoolly D about his upbringing in Philadelphia, the early Hip Hop scene, his song creation process and studio techniques, his relationships and thoughts on artists he’s influenced such as Ice-T and NWA, the influence of drugs and the sound of music, his memory of the day of the bombing of John Africa’s MOVE organization in Philadelphia, making music for the film world, what is means to be Black, hanging with Uncle Luke in Miami, and so much more.

Schoolly D is funny and insightful, and this is a conversation that you must not miss.

This September marks the 30th anniversary of Gucci Time and PSK, in September he’s dropping a new version of Gucci Time and on Black Friday he is dropping the original versions of these iconic songs.

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