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Jesse B. Weaver Jr. a.k.a. Schoolly D

Born: June 22, 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

“It was Saturday night and I was feelin kinda funny, gold around my neck, pockets full of money. ”

Jesse B. Weaver Jr., better known by the stage name Schoolly D (sometimes spelled Schooly D), is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Schoolly D teamed up with DJ Code Money in the mid-1980s. His lyrics reflected urban realism, violence, and sexual bravado, making Schoolly D an early gangsta rapper. He later embraced an Afrocentric style, bringing Afrocentric culture to Hip Hop along with KRS-One.

Schoolly D

Schoolly D contributed songs and music to many Abel Ferrara films, such as “P.S.K.” as well as “Saturday Night” (from Saturday Night! – The Album), as well as the title track from Am I Black Enough For You? which was played during the climactic shoot-out in Ferrara’s King of New York; the title track of this movie from How a Black Man Feels and “Signifying Rapper” (from Schoolly’s album Smoke Some Kill), which was used in the director’s Bad Lieutenant. Because Led Zeppelin successfully sued due to an uncleared interpolation of its song “Kashmir” in “Signifying Rapper,” the song was omitted from the soundtrack of the film and from subsequent releases of the film.

Composer Joe Delia tapped Schoolly to co-write and record “The Player” for Ferrara’s film The Blackout, which Delia scored. Schoolly also wrote the score to Ferrara’s ‘R Xmas. In 2006, Schoolly D co-wrote the indie film soundtrack of the historical science fiction thriller Order of the Quest with Chuck Treece. The project series is produced by Benjamin Barnett, and Jay D Clark of Media Bureau. His last album, Funk ‘N Pussy, features guest appearances by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Chuck Chillout, Lady B and a drum and bass remix of the classic Schoolly D track “Mr. Big D***” (remixed by UK trip-hop crew The Sneaker Pimps).

Schoolly also performed the music and occasional narration for the cult animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. He was a guest on an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. He also created the song “Sharkian Nights” for the 12 oz. Mouse. The character Jesse B. Weaver from The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show was also named after him.

Official site: Schoolly D

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