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Ulpiano Sergio Reyes a.k.a. Mellow Man Ace

Born: April 12, 1967 in Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río, Cuba

Years active: 1987 – present

“Check this out baby, tenemos tremendo lío - last night you didn't go a la casa de tu tío”

Born in Cuba and coming to the United States as a small child, Mellow Man Ace has possibly become one of the most influential Latinos in Hip Hop. As a child Mellow man Ace moved from New Jersey to California; removing him from the main Hip Hop movement that was originating in New York during the mid 70s. This isolation from the center of the Hip Hop movement allowed Mellow Man Ace to become highly influential in California and create his own unique style of Hip Hop.

Mellow Man became interested in Hip Hop as a teenager in 1983 after hearing The Treacherous Three. Although the Hip Hop movement had not widely spread to California at this point, he B-Real and is brother, Sen Dog began mixing and working to become Hip Hop artists. This group with the addition of DJ Muggs became to be known as DVX and signed a deal with Delicious Vinyl. The success with DVX allowed Mellow Man Ace to pursue a solo career with Capital records and release his first solo LP Escape From Havana. The rest of DVX became to be known as the famous group Cypress Hill.

Mellow Man Ace was the first Latino rapper to reach Gold and Platinum record sales in the United States, paving the way for more-well known Latino Artists such as Big Pun and Fat Joe. He was also the first Hip Hop artist to use Spanish and English on an LP and was one of the first to give this mixture, of Spanish and English, the name “spanglish” which is commonly used today.

His popularity was not only in the United States, but world-wide as he traveled to many Spanish and non-Spanish speaking countries such as: Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico and Chile.


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