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29TUNES | Mos Def

Initially regarded as one of the most promising rappers to emerge in the late ’90s, Mos Def, aka Yasiin Bey, turned to acting in subsequent years as music became a secondary concern for him. He did release new music from time to time, including albums such as The New Danger (2004), but his output was erratic and seemingly governed by whim. Mos Def nonetheless continued to draw attention, especially from critics and underground rap fans, and his classic breakthrough albums — Black Star (1998), a collaboration with Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek; and Black on Both Sides (1999), his solo debut — continued to be revered, all the more so as time marched forward. (Bio by Jason Birchmeier, continued @ Allmusic)


  1. Universal Magnetic
  2. Definition (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  3. Re: Definition (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  4. Children’s Story (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  5. Brown Skin Lady (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  6. O.S. (Determination) (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  7. Thieves In The Night (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  8. Astronomy (8th Light) (with Talib Kweli as Black Star)
  9. Respiration (with Talib Kweli as Black Star ft Common)
  10. B-Boy Document 99 (with Mad Skillz & The High And Mighty)
  11. Crosstown Beef (with Medina Green)
  12. Hip Hop
  13. Fat Booty
  14. New World Water
  15. Know That (ft Talib Kweli)
  16. Speed Law
  17. Brooklyn
  18. N**** (ft Q-Tip)
  19. Mathematics
  20. Oh No (with Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg)
  21. Sunshine
  22. Grown Man Business
  23. Zimzallabim
  24. Napoleon Dynamite
  25. Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Rob Swift Remix)
  26. Auditorium (ft Slick Rick)
  27. Twilight Speedball
  28. Life In Marvellous Times
  29. Priority

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