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The Birth Of Postmodern Hip Hop

The Birth Of Postmodern Hip Hop

The Birth Of Postmodern Hip Hop

A Tribe Called Quest "The Love Movement" (1998)

the best 50 east coast hip hop albums of the 1990s

[Extra]Ordinary is a series of underrated, underestimated, and under-appreciated people in Hip Hop. They are the ones who get looked over for one reason or another despite having rangy influence, tremendous vision, and/or a s***-ton of talent. These are some of your favorite rappers’ favorite rappers; and you ain’t eeeem know it. My job here is to enlighten their artistry in your eyes so that they may have the chance to evolve from being extra ordinary to extraordinary. Originally published on Grits & Gospel

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Advertiser by day, writer by night, Troy is always somewhere in between the boom and the bap. Part Hip Hop enthusiast, part cynical purist, he’s here to highlight the best from The Golden Ages of our favorite true…

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One response to “The Birth Of Postmodern Hip Hop”

  1. No Qualms says:

    ATCQ aren’t arguably the best, they ARE the best. Love Movement is still a good album, they tragically lost their studio so they had all new and different gear for this album hence a different sound. Just because it sonically sounds different doesn’t make it bad.

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