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Mixtape Sep 24 2021 Written by

Recomposing Danny by Danny Brown x 4XM All Stars

Recomposing Danny by Danny Brown x 4XM All Stars

Although Danny Brown can’t be labeled as an unproductive artist, 4 Dutch producers figured it was time to add some to the Detroit lyricist’s catalog. A remix tape with no less than 16 tracks by Danny Brown, naturally all refreshed by the 4XM All-Stars. And as quirky as you may find the rapper, so are the productions on this tape, ranging from boom-bap to trap, from dubstep to psychedelic electronics. No matter how you look at it: each blend is a unique and high-level tribute to the original which makes Recomposing Danny a must-listen for all of the rapper’s fans and out-of-the-box Hip Hop heads.




About the producers: The 4XM All-Stars are 4 veterans in the Dutch Hip Hop scene. Hailing from the South of the Netherlands. Dj/producer/rappers Napster, Vindictiv, Patrick Jason, and Native earned their stripes on countless stages in the Low Lands over the past two decades. Still, their blends on this tape sound all but obsolete. With their unconditional and everlasting love for Hip Hop, old and new, they pushed all the right buttons to provide Brown’s classics with new energy and vibe that match this era, but even more match the unique and somewhat weird discography of one of the most quirky rappers of the past decennia.

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