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Mixtape May 22 2017 Written by

Rakim – The God MC Mixtape (2017)


The question who is the Greatest Of All Time emcee is impossible to answer, and grounds for endless discussions without one definitive correct answer. Be that as it may, any discussion about who is the GOAT is invalid if Rakim is not part of it. Truly one of the best to ever do it, he will always be most lauded for his work as half of Eric B & Rakim. His solo work is dope as well though and sadly slept on.

Check out this mixtape by The Mixtape King – a mix with his favorite tracks from the God MC’s solo albums.

1. The 18th Letter (Always And Forever) (00:00)
2. When I B On Tha Mic (03:01)
3. Message In The Song Ft Destiny Griffin (06:47)
4. New York (Ya Out There) (10:40)
5. Documentary Of A Gangsta Ft I.Q (14:44)
6. Waiting For The World To End (18:56)
7. The Saga Begins (23:00)
8. Put It All To Music (27:22)
9. Mystery (Who Is God) (31:24)
10. How I Get Down (36:45)
11. Holy Are U (40:51)
12. It’s Been A Long Time (44:57)
13. We’ll Never Stop Ft Connie McKendrick (48:54)
14. Flow Forever (53:13)
15. Uplift (57:24)
16. Working For You (1:00:34)
17. Show Me Love (1:04:50)
18. I Know (1:09:09)
19. Psychic Love (1:13:16)
20. When I’m Flowin (1:16:44)
21. Strong Island (1:21:49)
22. It’s The R (1:26:23)
23. Still In Love (1:30:38)
24. Euphoria Ft Jadakiss, Styles P & Busta Rhymes (1:33:21)


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