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New Music Jan 26 2017 Written by

KXNG Crooked “Alternative Facts”


KXNG Crooked’s #AlternativeFacts is inspired by President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Kellyanne Conway, falsely spreading misinformation about how many people actually attended Trump’s inauguration.

Kellyanne Conway, AKA the “Counselor to the President” stated that they were giving “Alternative Facts” regarding the crowd size. In laymen’s terms, “Alternative Facts” = Lie.

So, just as he did on his recent solo album, Good Vs Evil, Crooked went into the studio to shed light and truth; letting everyone know you don’t have to lie to kick it, just give #AlternativeFacts

Listen to KXNG Crooked’s “Alternative Facts”:

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Listen to Crooked deftly skate over Kanye’s “Real Friends”:

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