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Everything You Need To Know About Kid Frost

Artuto Molina, Jr. was born May 31, 1964, and is better known as Frost. When he first started his career, he was better known as Kid Frost. Frost is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is from Los Angeles, but he is very proud of his Mexican heritage and always ensured that he showed that in his music. Frost passed down his musical talents to his son, who is Scoop DeVille, an American record producer.

In 1982, Frost started his music career, at first he was a tribute to his rival Ice-T, the two often battled each other in the music industry. In the mid-1980s Frost released several pre-gangsta singles with Electrobeat and Baja, both LA-based labels.

Towards the end of the 1980s, Virgin Records signed Frost. In 1990, Kid Frost released La Raza, which features on his debut album Hispanic Causing Panic. The song was very popular and reached #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and is featured on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. La Raza is thought to be one of the first successful Latin Hip Hop songs.

Frost also formed a Latin rap group called Latin Alliance. Latin Alliance released their first and only album called Latin Alliance in 1991. Following which, Frost released his second solo album East Side Story in 1992.

Frost dropped the ‘Kid’ from his nickname in 1995, when he signed with Ruthless Records. He recorded and released two albums with Ruthless Records, Above The Law in 1996, and When Hell.A.Freezes Over in 1997.

He moved to a small independent record label called Celeb Entertainment in 1999, and released This Was Then This Is Now Vol. I and This Was Then This Is Now Vol. II. In 2002, he released Still Up In This S***! with Hit-A-Lick and Koch Records. And in 2005, Scoop DeVille and Frost produced Welcome to Frost Angeles.

Over his career, Frost has featured and collaborated with a number of artists, including MC Eiht, A.L.T, Ganxta Ridd, O.G.Enius, Kokane, Rick James, Ice-T, Scoop, Domino, Kurupt, King T, Baby Bash, Jay Tee, Yayo Felony, Xzibit, B-Legit, Mellow Man Ace, and many others.

According to Samuel Sánchez, from, “Frost definitely led the way for Latin Hip Hop. Frost raps about a group of people who try to stay in touch with their Mexican roots, whilst living in foreign lands. He also raps about being proud of his brown skin complexion and his Mexican heritage, which was considered to be a very forward way of thinking (and rapping) in the 90s when La Raza was released.”

In 2016, Frost was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Something the rapper said was a wake-up call about looking after his health and it has since led him to lose weight and focus on being healthy.

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3 responses to “Everything You Need To Know About Kid Frost”

  1. Gary L Shumlai says:

    La Raza will always be a tight Jam Even though I’m not Latino I fux with that

  2. SIN says:

    No conozco algunos de los hechos antes. Gracias

  3. Astumze says:

    Always a fan Kid Frost you need to reach out to Latin America. Tours establish “Rap Festivals: market is great I saw. You in Chile you earned your respect “Free Style” I notice every. Concert date you change the tempo of the sons. Viste Peru and Bolivia Garcia

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