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Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” (1990)

“Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” is the second single from Eric B & Rakim‘s third album Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em.

On the album, the group’s sound develops further, with Rakim adopting a deeper, more aggressive tone of voice, and more mature and serious subject matter. Musically, the production ranges from smoother soulful tracks such as “In the Ghetto” to the hard-edged assault of the title track “Let the Rhythm Hit ’Em.”

Despite the fact that it didn’t produce any hit singles as popular as the duo’s previous albums, it is considered by many to be their most coherent album, and is one of only a few rap albums that have received a 5-mic rating when it was reviewed in The Source Magazine. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source’s 100 Best Rap Albums. (Wikipedia)

Eric B & Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em" (1990)

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One response to “Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” (1990)”

  1. Big Daddy Tek1 says:

    Every album these guys made together is a classic. As good as they were when they started they just got better with time.

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