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Mixtape Mar 1 2024 Written by

Beastie Boys x 4XM All Stars – Recomposing Beastie Boys Vol. 1

Beastie Boys x 4XM All Stars - Recomposing Beastie Boys Vol. 1

They kick-started the beginning of Def Jam, took the art of sampling to the next level, pioneered genre-bending music, propelled rap into the mainstream, had seven platinum-selling albums and they are the biggest-selling rap group since Billboard began recording sales in 1991… Do we need to say more?

The 4XM All Stars Recomposing Beastie Boys Vol. 1 is here! (Vol. 2 coming soon…)

Being fans from day one, the 4XM All Stars have had this remix project on their wishlist for a long time. And therefore they went all out for this one. Although clearly none of these overhauls will outdo the originals that we all came to love so much, they will make you relive some of the Beasties classics in a new fashion and they’ll definitely be a nice addition to any fan’s extensive collection of Beastie Boys material.

About the producers
The 4XM All Stars are 4 veterans in the Dutch Hip Hop scene.
Hailing from the South of the Netherlands. DJ/producer/rappers Napster, Vindictiv, Patrick Jason, and Native earned their stripes on countless stages in the Low Lands over the past two decades.




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