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Beat Junkies

Members: DJ Babu, J Rocc, D-Styles, DJ Rhettmatic, Mr. Choc, Icy Ice, Curse, DJ Shortkut, Melo-D, DJ Havik

“The World Famous...”

The Beat Junkies, internationally recognized as an unparalleled musical phenomenon, innovated an original DJ artform that continues to entertain and inspire all realms of the music sphere.

This crew of DJ virtuosos is originally comprised of thirteen members: J.Rocc, Melo D, Rhettmatic, D-Styles, DJ Curse, Babu, Shortkut, Mr. Choc, Icy Ice, DJ Havik, DJ Symphony, Tommy Gun, & DJ What!?. Stemming from various mobile DJ units throughout Los Angeles County and the Bay Area, these artists came together in the early ’90s, and introduced a masterful musical style that transformed the DJ artform throughout the world. Talented veterans in creating original compositions, the Beat Junkies introduced their unique DJ forte to audiences on every continent. Their signature music formula, which has become internationally labeled as the “Beat Junkie Style”, encompasses a practice that takes years to attain. The practice of precision, along with a driving imagination to create music incorporating the DJ techniques such as the blend and the scratch, have become the main factors in defining their distinguished expertise. Success has surrounded the Beat Junkies since the start of the new millennium.

The Beat Junkies continue to share their signature style with music enthusiasts, both in the national and international markets. Their musical sounds attract fans from remote countries, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, England, and Canada. Along with the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the X-Ecutioners, the Beat Junkies were one of the seminal DJ crews that originated the art of turntablism (i.e., using turntables as musical instruments in and of themselves) during the early ’90s. Distinguished by their multicultural membership and trademark Green Lantern rings, the Beat Junkies were formed in Orange County (outside Los Angeles) in 1992 by J.Rocc. Babu and Rhettmatic each share their turntable talent with two commanding Hip-Hop bands that undoubtedly achieved a towering level of success – Babu, a leading figure of Dilated Peoples, and Rhettmatic, a major force of the Visionaries, are accomplished in tackling their DJ roles with the aforementioned bands.

The creative freedom found in Dilated Peoples and the Visionaries allows them to produce masterpieces and execute the “Beat Junkie Style” with solid expertise. Melo D, Mr. Choc, DJ Curse, & Icy Ice are all Mix Radio Dj Veterans that made a successful transition into the Nightclub Circuit. In 1994, J Rocc, the “Funky President” (Stones Throw Records), invited Shortkut & D-Styles to join the Beat Junkies; since Shortkut & D-Styles’ addition to the group, the Beat Junkies audience has globally diversified. Collectively, the Beat Junkies are consistently highlighted in leading publications, including Rolling Stone and Mass Appeal to name a couple.

The group earned numerous individual and team awards, including the titles of DMC West Coast Champions (Shortkut: 1994 & 1998, Babu: 1995, & Rhettmatic: 1996), and the International Turntablist Federation (ITF) World Team Champions in 1997 (DJ Curse, Melo-D, & Rhettmatic) & 1998 (Babu, J.Rocc, Melo D, and Rhettmatic). D-Styles released his solo-debut album called “Phantazmagorea” in 2003 on the group’s label “Beat Junkie Sound” and is hailed the most innovative Scratch Instrumentation Album of it’s kind.

The Beat Junkies are featured in two prized films that achieved recognition and extended media coverage at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, including the movie Scratch and the documentary Keepintime. The Beat Junkies demonstrate that they possess the imagination to create musical masterpieces. Throughout the world, their signature mark identified as the “Beat Junkie Style”, is synonymous with success. These musicians have mastered the ability to combine precision, along with the DJ techniques of the blend and the scratch to create compositions that cannot be imitated.

Official site: Beat Junkies

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