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Podcast Nov 11 2015 Written by

Mr Throwback Thursday: Down With The King

Two aging guns, forged in the fires of Hip Hop, take you back to a time when the wheels were steel, and the beats were real. Join the leaders of the TBT Posse; Bill Winters, and Mr. Throwback Thursday, himself, Jamie Robinson as they bring you their memories of growing up in New York while Hip Hop was growing up in New York. What do two over 40 year old white guys know about Hip Hop? Tune in and find out! Until next time… Keep it Classic, and always remember: New School Stale, Old School Fresh

Check out our interview with the legendary DMC, and the rest of episode 87. Check out more on

Are you ready for the biggest thing to happen to our podcast? Are you ready for a true legend to step in the arena with us? Are you ready for the King of Rock, himself; DMC? Then let’s go, because we have more than that in store for you. Happy Throwback Thursday!


  1. Republican Debates (FINALLEVEL style)
  2. More Ice T on Twitter
  3. Down Goes Pep
  4. National Tour?
  5. DMC Interview
  6. Record of the Week – Run DMC “King of Rock
  7. One and Done – Lil 1/2 Dead
  8. Old to the New – The Addicts (with MC Serch and DJ Eclipse) “Belief
  9. Bill Reads Lyrics


Written by

Host of the Mr. Throwback Thursday podcast. Lover of music. Family man. Retired Navy Veteran. All around cool cat. Believes that every “Top 5” discussion should include MC Lyte.…

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