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Hip Hop’s Influence On Western Culture

Music is everywhere, and it is one of the greatest pleasures that humans (and some animals) take an unmatched joy in. With a strong history, music has been a tool to get through the worst of times, to rejoice in the great, and to express oneself individually and within a community.

However, one of the most interesting things about specific genres, such as Hip Hop, is the direct impact it has on western culture.

The power that Hip Hop music has to influence the general public is second to none, and businesses know it. This piece will discuss the influence Hip Hop music can have in Western culture.

The Influence of Hip Hop Music in Video

Hip Hop has long served as a vessel for investigating the marginalized experiences of black and brown people in the US, allowing those who are marginalized to create art that was a direct reflection of the reality of the lives lived under these conditions.

Hip Hop music crossed over into mainstream popular culture around the 1980s to 1990s, which saw its growing popularity not only in music but also in the visual narrative that can accompany such strong lyricism.

Music videos centered around Hip Hop are most commonly designed to tell a visual story that compliments the music, a far cry from mainstream pop videos. As Hip Hop follows a cultural progression from music genres such as soul, funk, and blues, the visuals that accompany Hip Hop music are still very much designed to act as a lens of current black realities.

The Influence of Hip Hop on Gambling

Hip Hop is something to be considered when gambling is involved, as it has proved to be a powerful tool when it comes to attracting new customers. Hip Hop has been known to enhance the hunger for gambling, and this has not gone unnoticed to Hip Hop artists, as they often work in collaboration with online gambling sites to encourage gambling activity.

The collaborations are focused around Hip Hop songs which lyrics are centered around affluence and money. These subjects have a direct impact on listeners, who then become enchanted by the idea of money and fame, and subsequentially embark on a journey to achieve it.

There are very few roads in life that lead down this path, which is why online gambling is a popular choice.  Click here to play in comfort at home.

Another thing to consider is, the key to music when influencing gambling is to keep players interested in the game, with an edge of excitement. Even though in some cases, games such as roulette or poker, the players are mostly unaware of the music playing, some games revel in the music as a core feature to attracting and retaining players. Hip Hop is often a genre used to do this, and also leads to increased awareness of the genre.

The Influence of Hip Hop on Clothes

Hip Hop culture has had an impressive impact on streetwear and fashion, boasting one of the biggest influences that street culture has ever seen.

Hip Hop essentially transformed streetwear by using the fashion that was already there. The culture then proceeded to sample, customize and remix it, creating an Africanisation of luxury brands back in the 1980s, which really set a precedent for streetwear fashion, and what was next to come.

Ghettos from all around the world spend time creating innovations that will become mainstream popular just a few years later, with the unavoidable yet stunning ethos of creating something from nothing. That is what Hip Hop culture is all about. Because of this, it will continue to inspire fashion brands globally.

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