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I done kept it real from the jump. Of course my bio begins with a Drizzy lyric. I am from Toronto, Tdot, 6ixside - whatever they're calling it today. Yes, it seems like a dude who quotes Drake is ignorant, knowing nothing about 'real' Hiphop, or music in general. I'm savvy, in all genre's and confident about that. My favourite rapper of all time is Big Daddy Kane. My favourite album of all time is "Illmatic". My favourite verse AT THE MOMENT is; Ghostface's bars from; 'Da Mystery Of Chessboxin''.

Enough about flexing taste. I enjoy deep topic in music. Like how artists are found, why labels sign them, how labels get created and who owns these labels. Samples and finding production credits intrigue me more than anything. I'm a passionate music of student. Whether it be Johnny Cash or Soulja Boy, I will unearth the positives in artwork.

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