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Hip Hop! What is Hip Hop to me some may ask? Hip Hop is the butterflies you get in your belly when you hear 2pac rap so passionately about LA or the tears you cry when you hear the Lost Boyz tell a story about a woman they’ve lost. It’s that moment when you hear Thuggish Ruggish Bone, Can I kick it, Juicy and you just automatically bop your head. That is what Hip Hop is to me, a genre that has a song for every mood, a genre that gets me through tough times, a genre that makes me smile. What is Hip Hop? Hip Hop is a lifestyle.

My name is Ashley, a 19-year-old who was born and raised in London. At the age of 19 some people may ask what do I know about Hip Hop due to the generational gap between me and other Hip Hop lovers who were the same age I am now when Hip Hop was becoming one of the most historical musical genres & culture to have ever been invented. Luckily for me growing up with older siblings who were already deeply rooted in Hip Hop from it’s beginning stages, I was able to adopt the same love they have for the genre and learn how to appreciate and love it for myself.

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