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29TUNES | The Roots

#23 (16)

One of the most prolific rap groups, The Roots were also among the most progressive acts in contemporary music, from their 1993 debut through their conceptual 2010s releases. Despite the seemingly archaic practice of functioning as a rap band with several instrumentalists — from 2007 onward, their lineup even featured a sousaphonist – they were ceaselessly creative, whether with their own material or through their varied assortment of collaborations. They went platinum and gold with successive studio releases and won a handful of Grammy awards. After they gained a nightly nationwide audience through a close partnership with television host Jimmy Fallon, they continued to challenge listeners with works free of genre restrictions. (Bio by John Bush, continued on @ Allmusic)


  1. Pass The Popcorn (Revisited)
  2. Proceed
  3. Distortion To Static
  4. MellowMy Man
  5. The Lesson Pt 1
  6. Respond/React
  7. Section
  8. Episodes
  9. What They Do
  10. Concerto Of The Desperado
  11. Clones
  12. The Next Movement
  13. Without A Doubt
  14. Double Trouble
  15. You Got Me
  16. Rolling With Heat
  17. Thought @ Work
  18. BOOM!
  19. Somebody’s Gotta Do It
  20. Clock With No Hands
  21. Here I Come
  22. Rising Down
  23. 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)
  24. The Show
  25. Now Or Never
  26. Walk Alone
  27. Radio Daze
  28. Tip The Scale
  29. The Other Side

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